I recently wrote a short piece for the Madoc Dispatch (LINK) an online magazine produced by some of the best guys on the internet. Please be sure to give MADOC a read, it’s new but it’s sure to grow in the coming months. I’m reproducing the piece below for my friends here.


It has been said that the destiny of man is in his own soul.

The former American Nation has submitted to the demonic forces of globalism. To fulfill our destiny – and vindicate our souls with glory and honor – we must defeat globalist filth and permanently expel them from our midst. Co-existence is no longer an option.

Confusion reigns in our time – only the hard right remain aligned with Virtue, Truth and Beauty. Too many people spent their time observing – helpless – as their homeland was de-constructed and transformed into a pit of filth. The heritage and spirit of the American Nation was erased and replaced with soul-less bugmen and third world trash while the place became a strip-mall dystopia. Year after year went by like this while no comprehensive, workable plan to counter the globalist occupation took shape.

We already know their plan: relentless, totalizing, state expansion. The creation of fake ‘human rights’ (e.g., ‘homosexual rights,’ ‘trans rights,’). Fake and forced racial ‘equality.’ Politicized money, printed by globalists for globalists. Reckless, embarrassing and corrupt ‘wars for neo-liberal democracy.’ Constant corporate-government surveillance and censorship. Engineered desire, created by mega-corp advertising pushing worthless trash.

Globalism kills people while they are still technically alive – their souls are nulled. But no longer can we hope to just ‘avoid’ or ‘hide from’ the globalist system of capital which reduces people to faceless, interchangeable economic workers and consumers while bombarding them with never-ending woke propaganda (hereinafter, ”GloboHomo”). Only when GloboHomo is gone – all gone – can we fully avoid the despair and death that their system requires.

As you can see, the new ‘Amerikwa’ represents only the rainbow flag, males dressed up as females while pawing at children, shrill, fat, purple-haired hall monitors with fibromyalgia sitting in a make-work HR cubicle, no-fault divorce, pornography and Instagram lewds, incoherent SSRI/feminist rants on TikTok, racial discord and willful ignorance, runaway obesity, alcoholism and drug addiction, unlivable cities overrun with Africans, liberal nihilism disguised as tolerance for the most disgusting ‘values’ imaginable. And on and on. A new order – which shall be borne after a period of intense disorder – is required to remove GloboHomo from our lives, once and for all.

AXIS, a three-pronged approach, answers the important question: How can we rid ourselves of the curse of GloboHomo?

Unveiled for the first time, here in the MADOC Dispatch, is the framework for a new movement carefully designed to bring about the total defeat of GloboHomo. Once GloboHomo is destroyed, both old and new modes and orders will arise to guide our path forward. These modes and orders will be both created from nothing and informed by our experience, our genetic memories and our treasured old texts.

AXIS – Acceleration

Until today, right wing ‘acceleration’ has been a useless mess. Our brotherhood, AXIS, redefines the term. No longer are accelerationists a collection of goofy Wignats posting on Twitter about running around with AR-15s, creating chaos and hoping something good comes of it. Their style and lack of subtlety and careful planning means they can have nothing to do with AXIS Acceleration.

Rejecting Wignattery, AXIS Acceleration operates by removing negative feedback from the GloboHomo control loop. We dispense with the restraints that, paradoxically, stabilize the infusion of GloboHomo degeneracy; those have only served to create enough friction to allow GloboHomo to implement their schemes at a pace which doesn’t cause total system failure, all at once. Their system will never hold because it is built on lies. We must let GloboHomo run its course, full-speed – faster, harder, deeper. Negative feedback only serves to slow and stabilize their process, correcting drift. Restraints prevent the outright collapse of their cheap and false worldview.

AXIS Acceleration will both allow and force them to proceed at a frantic pace, by letting their attacks on human decency run through their GloboHomo cattle unopposed. Harsh, anti-human degeneracy… but for them only! We stand and protect only our families, our brothers and sisters, our small communities and close friends, and our own souls by drawing inward as our enemies splash face-first into their boiling stew of woke death and despair. The institutions and major cities are already lost, so we rush them forward until they fall headlong over themselves and break their neck. When that happens, we stalk out from the shadows, well-armed, but only need to pull a plastic bag over their heads, snuffing them out forever, and ensuring that their grotesquerie does not survive even in paralyzed form.

In this way, we withdraw completely from degenerate GloboHomo rule while we draw them further into their sick morass – that trap is what we call AXIS Acceleration.

AXIS Insubordination

An automated, luxury corporate-communism will never work. The numbers do not add up. Their worldview is anti-human and anti-nature. AXIS Acceleration forces GloboHomo to pursue their own inevitable failure. While on the outside of this process, our AXIS Insubordination mocks their way of living as we refuse to participate. For example:

  • GloboHomo can continue their insane pharmaceutical ‘sex changes’ — but we mock and avoid the ridiculous Troons that their medical experiments produce.
  • GloboHomo and its slave class can prattle on endlessly about ‘White privilege’ and ‘White supremacy.’ We mock them for their ‘privilege’ of owning a cat or maintaining Guatemalan personal servants. We do as we please in our own lives and ignore their buzzwords, slurs and smears.
  • GloboHomo can continue to put the “Numinous Negro” and insane LGBT propaganda in every movie, show and television advertisement they vomit out; we don’t care because we will refuse to watch their trash. AXIS Insubordination requires that we avoid the influence of all state-corporate media unless we take a minute to mock the pozz. We do not consume that which we disavow.
  • GloboHomo can inject its cattle with big pharma mystery ‘corona’ shots every six months. We say, “Good luck with that! We choose instead a healthy, humble and carefree life of Iron and Sun.”

Our AXIS Insubordination ensures that the subjects of GloboHomo will continue their spiral into madness and meaninglessness since it is mockery and our refusal to submit that they hate most. We defy them in these, and other, ways:

  • Defending our families and ourselves from GloboHomo aggression,
  • Worshiping God,
  • Embracing adventure in the physical world, under the sun,
  • Eating real food,
  • Canceling cable and never subsidizing state-corporate media,
  • Lifting weights,
  • Protecting nature,
  • Mastering the technology we use, and
  • Stacking XMR, silver, explosives, AR-10s, endless ammo and anti-drone tech.

AXIS Insubordination is built to frustrate, annoy and damage GloboHomo while the Acceleration of their programs continues. This is our way forward!

AXIS Sabotage

The bad news is that Globohomo has conquered America and much of the West. The good news is that they cannot maintain and defend that territory when confronted with the AXIS counter-attack.

The world itself now moves faster and ‘becomes smaller’ as advances in instant communication technology, blockchains, weaponry, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and computational genomics flood the zone, containing ever-higher densities of artificial intelligence. AXIS takes note, learning, and stands by, entrenched in its unshakable beliefs. We understand and master these things but only for our protection and advantage. GloboHomo, in the same environment, is rushed by AXIS Acceleration, subverted by AXIS Insubordination and physically damaged by AXIS Sabotage. It lurches and flails as it falls forward, out of control, made confused and vulnerable by the pace and content of the world around it. GloboHomo will say: “Look at how rapidly we are progressing!” AXIS will reply, “We will not restrain you on your course to total destruction, and in our own way we will even help you along.”

In this way, AXIS Sabotage targets the strongholds of the GloboHomo oligarchs, with a focus on the assets they use to enslave (state-corporate media) and harm (corporate products) the human-cattle over which they rule. We convert their assets for our own use through theft, or we eradicate them completely through destruction. They cannot defend it all!

AXIS Sabotage varies from coordinated and compartmentalized coup de main acts, carried out by highly-trained and undetectable adherents, to innumerable simple acts of destruction which the ordinary individual citizen-saboteur can perform. The specific tactics and targets are omitted here and left for future elaboration.


AXIS, properly implemented, will allow us to save ourselves from GloboHomo. Remember, AXIS Acceleration causes globalists to speed to their own destruction. AXIS Insubordination and AXIS Sabotage work together to frustrate, annoy and harm them along the way.

Disorder must increase in order to bring about the total destruction of the most singularly evil system ever endured by mankind. Once GloboHomo is demolished, we shall endeavor to rebuild a natural order by creating art, literature, architecture, real science (without liberal manipulation) and aesthetics – a beautiful society, integrated with nature – the likes of which have not been seen in a thousand years. Until then, brothers and sisters, Godspeed!

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