How Not To Fight Leftist Deconstruction

Any value that used to be derived from pointing out ‘liberal’ hypocrisy is long gone. Yet there remains a well-established industry of grifting ‘conservatives’ who have never conserved a single thing but manage to collect money for ‘trying.’ The gate-keeping midget, Ben Shapiro, has cornered the market on ‘center-right’ communication on Facebook. This is by design; that little fella helps the left attack and destroy anyone with hard-right, Nationalist views. As another example, I would rather watch the grifter Candace Owens twerk than hear her political opinion on anything relating to me and my people. And I hate twerking.

For fifty years or more, the chief function of the fake, hypocrisy-identifying ‘right’ in mainstream American politics has been to ankle-bite the leftists as they continue their long march through our now-destroyed institutions.

So, if I am arguing that this should no longer be permitted (through shaming and ignoring or other means), what do we replace it with?

The deed is everything. Power is what matters in present day America.

We must seize power (and with it the institutions) from the left and start the long process of building a strong and respectable Nation once again.

The regime as it exists is a cynical, kleptocratic, authoritarian, censorious gang of sub-human degenerates. There is no point arguing with them or trying to convince them of anything. Still, the ‘approved’ media for ‘conservatives’ is made up of hand-wringing ‘classical liberals’ who make their money by snarking at the democrats’ hypocrisy – a fool’s errand – as they firmly impose their will on the remains of this country.

The hypocrisy, though, is not a perversion of the system – it is the system. The hypocrisy is what allows the globalists (through their vessel of the democrat party) to achieve their long-standing goal of deconstruction of the beautiful and the good and the corresponding replacement with things that are disgusting, ugly and evil. And the list of things that they want to destroy (or have destroyed) is long: American history, statues, the nuclear family, God, physical health (by depriving the population of real, hearty foods, etc.), education, romance (through degenerate over-sexualization of everything), art, literature, architecture – the list goes on for more than I care to write. Just look around and you can see the hell they have wreaked upon us.

As evidenced by the antifa and blm riots of 2020, the leftist insurgency functions not only by elite patronage resulting in the infiltration and subversion of our institutions, but also by street-level intimidation and violent crime. The shock troops who take to the streets to accelerate the chaos, instability and deconstruction of traditional modes and orders are essential to their model. This has long been the case; a concrete example of this symbiotic relationship is the easy transition made by the leftist terrorist shock troops of the 1960s and 1970s (e.g., the Weathermen) into professorships and sinecures at our pozzed, leftist universities. There is no denying this regularly observable phenomenon of which I could produce many more examples.

When leftists see a functional, traditional society they want to destroy it, every single time. The attack vectors may vary with different examples, but the goal is the same: total destruction of what came before them and the full capitulation of National interests that are independent of international finance. In America, the longest running attack vectors were imperialistic atheism, feminism, temptation toward personal degeneracy, and ever-present accusations of ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’ which obliterated, in particular, the Boomer Psyche and inclination toward self-preservation. Those, of course, continue at present. The more recent attack vectors relentlessly hammer people about homosexuality and ‘transphobia.’ For many years, people took the ‘live and let live’ approach, noting that they didn’t really care about homosexuality. People ignored it; that angered the left even more and they are determined to make people care. Try turning on state-corporate entertainment these days and finding an example of a show without relentless homosexual propaganda: you can’t.

Their attack vectors all work together, to be sure. The recent burst of (a) black worship and (b) homosexual promotion are merely signs that those wedges had proven effective after being deployed in full force by the state-corporate media. Somehow, the ‘White Man’s Burden’ remains a thing in America (someone has to keep the country functional, at least for the rest of the insurgency) but at the same time the racial hierarchy that puts black Africans, despite their general failures, atop the cultural and intersectional hierarchy is relentlessly pushed. This is done not in spite of, rather because of, the intelligence and behavioral gap that is apparent to any honest observer of human species – and also banned from discussion by the state-corporate media complex.

The inversion of truth is the thing that matters; it is the inversion that breaks everything down, eventually. People simply stop being able to function and process data points when they live in a world where nearly everything promoted by state-corporate media is the opposite of true. Disassociation provides some solace but also has an isolating effect.

The blacks themselves are not to blame; as always, they are the pawns in the leftists’ game and they are being used to destroy. Sure, they can destroy cities and neighborhoods on their own, but they don’t have the capacity to take down entire systems if proper restrains are put in place. It is the same everywhere: it wasn’t the blacks that organized to destroy South Africa and Rhodesia and now mount the big-picture attack on America. International forces did that and we know the names of the people responsible. In present day America, no politician, black or White, gives a single solitary shit about black dysfunction and the crime and poverty in the ‘black community.’ Even the concept of the ‘black community’ is a sick joke. If a black person has access to money, whether from a blm slush fund or from an NBA salary or from hip-hop record sales or a Netflix comedy series, the first thing they do – every time – is move to a non-black neighborhood. Entire cities are therefore lost one after another. Once they are ceded to the ungovernable underclass (such as Detroit, Baltimore and many others) they are simply not mentioned by the ruling class or state-corporate media any longer. A full embargo is put on any discussion, unless something creeps through in the form of trying to blame Whites for black dysfunction because of ‘oppression’ or ‘systemic racism’. No one addresses any possible solutions because there is nothing on the earth that can fix it, now or ever, short of removing the population that caused the collapse. You can’t ‘fix’ Baltimore any more than you can fix Haiti or Guinea Bissau. And that topic, of course, is off limits in the state-corporate media (which includes the ‘social’ ‘platforms.’)

While they collapse any city they occupy in significant numbers, the blacks are held up by state-corporate media as shining examples of numinosity. Despite this silly game of pretend, if you had 11.2 million George and Georgina Floyd’s in one country, you would have something that looks a hell of a lot like Haiti. The left and the state-corporate media don’t like it but it’s true. And he is their hero, their shining example of black excellence or unfulfilled potential as the case may be, anyway.

Pointing out hypocrisy in this context will bring nothing other than defeat. And that is where it gets complicated. The majority of people who gain from the hypocrisy-identification industry actually lose when Nationalists win. Ben Shapiro has a lot at stake in being able to continue to ‘point out hypocrisy.’ He makes a lot of money doing it. If someone were to eliminate the leftist scourge through a sustained campaign, using force, Shapiro would be out of a well-paying job.

Thus, Ben Shapiro’s primary purpose as a media figure (and fake foil for leftists) is (a) to make money and (b) to prevent any Nationalist revival in America by dominating the messaging regarding opposition to leftism. A Nationalist revival would necessarily compete with Shapiro’s international Jewishness since American Nationalists are mostly White and Goy; ground gained by them would necessarily be ground ceded by Shapiro himself. He views what is left of America as a vehicle to serve Israel, whether through ‘foreign aid’ or military action or a place from which technology can be obtained for Israel’s benefit. Yet he maintains a large audience of goyim who are so confused by the constant flood of state-corporate media they defer to his gatekeeping and enrich him by consuming his opinions online. That, and their ability to discern what would need to be done to re-establish America as a Nation (rather than a globalist strip mall) is nipped in the bud by Shapiro’s deceptive rhetoric. In essence, he taxes and neuters his entire audience, which is not insubstantial. It’s a big problem.

The state-corporate media defend, deflect and propagandize the American decline every step of the way. How did that partnership, the one between the state and the media, become so seamless and so uniform? What group delivered the heritage media to the left with such uniformity? One host on one channel, Tucker on Fox, is an outlier from the rabid leftism of CNN/MSNBC/ABC, etc. and the sad, losing cuckservatism of the rest of Fox News.

It is not as if the fall of America was inevitable. It was foreseeable and foreseen by millions, including writers and cultural commentators – all of whom were, of course, smeared by leftists and useful idiots as ‘reactionary’ or ‘racist.’ Think of Pat Buchanan or Sam Francis or many other examples. The system became so powerful and impenetrable that all of the criticism of the juggernaut fell by the wayside. People never stood up to reject the buzzwords that spewed like vomit from the left. And yet as their power solidified and the cancer of leftism metastasized in the institutions they continued to frame themselves as victims and outsiders in the state-corporate media that they churn out to the cattle every second of every day.

As an example, consider how the state-corporate media has pushed the notion that owning guns is morally wrong. Never mind that White gun ownership generally corresponds with law-abiding individuals and the remaining pockets of decent civil society in the country. While they pushed this toxic lie, they vilified the police. Then, after the Floyd overdose of 2020, they funded and encouraged a year of rioting in which their shock troops, antifa and blm, looted, raped and murdered their way through the space they offered up to them – conveniently, their own democrat-run cities where the police and citizens – with the notable exception of Kyle Rittenhouse – were made to stand down. They did this to demoralize and intimidate their enemies, the law-abiding heritage Americans that supported Trump in 2016 and 2020. As Steve Sailer consistently points out, the resulting crime wave continues on to this day.

Remember, the premise of this post is that power and action is what matter; words pointing out that the other side is behaving hypocritically or badly simply have no effect and they never will. That road only leads to pathetic crying, gnashing of teeth and the demoralization of the losing side (us) – while people like Ben Shapiro get rich. White people have formally been declared an enemy of the state by the vicious Attorney General (Merrick Garland) and many others in the illegitimate Biden regime. In what is somewhat of a paradox, the heritage Whites remain responsible for the things that are still functional in post-decline America. As always, leftists intend to ‘figure it out later’ once the White Americans are fully dispossessed and disenfranchised in our own country. It is similar to the way in which the international celebrated South Africa’s communist ‘liberation’ and the introduction of black rule twenty-seven years ago. Now, they say nothing about the predictable collapse, because they never ‘figured it out after.’ Of course, any objective observer knew there was no other possible outcome for that transformation. As history has shown, South African black rule could have only ended in total destruction; they can not and never will be able to build any society worth having. In fact, they cannot even maintain one that is handed to them. On some level, leftists must know this is true; yet it is impossible for the left to resist their urge to deconstruct, to destroy, to bring down White people. They hate Whites more than they love decent countries.

On the current course, it won’t end well in America; the death throes of nations that doom themselves to voluntary third-world status at the behest of international forces involve murder, vigilantism and, only in the rarest of cases, the temporary reversal and expulsion of the international globalists / communists (e.g. Franco’s Spain). In this case, they hope that the Hispanics align with the top/bottom coalition of Jews and blacks fleshed out with the toxic Wokeness of the vile class of liberal Whites. It is not a sure thing: Hispanics don’t especially like blacks or Jews, and a strong leader on the hard right might be able to boomerang them back against their current masters on the left.

This is the burden we must bear. We live in a world infected with the pestilence of leftism and no one has been able to identify and implement a final solution to the problem. Perhaps we never will, but we owe it to ourselves to try. The good, the beautiful, the decent are on our side – as is God himself.

But on the ground at present, things are grim. Remember, while this leftist power grab has been taking place the regime has also busted out what was left of the American economy. Over the last twenty years, global trade flipped from a 75% United States advantage to a 75% Chinese advantage. America lost everything and it was not done without intent. In many cases, the intellectual property for the products that America sent over to China for slave-labor manufacture were stolen, and China is shipping their versions of our products around the world. The remainder of the economy, American small business run by the middle class, was destroyed during the ‘corona’ hoax which, conveniently, kicked off as Chinese people were filmed ‘dropping dead’ in the streets. Of course, that wasn’t real, but the hoax marched on anyway and the globalists were able to force the Trump administration to destroy what was left of the (non-mega-corporation based) American economy via lockdowns and related red-tape. They put their enemies (remember, we were labeled ‘domestic terrorists, Nazis, supremists, fascists and every other communist-style buzzword all along the way) in a very vulnerable position: we became resource-strapped pariahs in our own countries. Woke White Americans who work for mega-corporations or for the regime will be tolerated for now, the last to be eliminated. The useful idiots always are.

At some point along the way, with the country in tatters both economically and facing a crisis of spirit, the leftist regime will unleash a Zimbabwean and South African style confiscation of property. Leftists always do this when they have accumulated enough power and feel that the time is right. This time, the theft will be couched as ‘reparations’ for slavery. Of course, it won’t matter that the facts would actually show that Whites deserve reparations from blacks (for the destruction of our cities, the almost unbelievable fifty plus year reliance on public funds, and the degradation of our culture through things like ‘twerking’ and ‘hip-hop.’) It won’t matter because the state-corporate media will simply repeat, over and over, the lie that the blacks did not receive a fair deal during and after that era. No one will do the work of analyzing the fair value of the work done in the cotton fields against the room and board provided all the way through to the chaos and destabilization unleashed on once-great cities like Detroit and Baltimore. And that all would have to be level set against the conditions in Africa for it to have coherence. It doesn’t matter, because they could never pay the bill anyway. A population that could never invent the wheel or anything else cannot create trillions of dollars of value to repair damage done to infrastructure and culture.

We cannot hope to vote our way out of this. If we try that, the regime will stall, undermine and cheat their way out of it. Their leadership is laser-focused on destruction. And the typical leftist dipshit is nothing if not steadfast in his belief in the religion of Woke leftism. We cannot reason with unreasonable people gassed up on state-corporate media propaganda. Their message will remain their message, their buzzwords (‘racist’, ‘fascist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘transphobic’, etc.) will remain unrelenting and consistent as they have for years. The globalist left and their mindless drones are hell-bent on finishing what they started – the final destruction of the legacy of the American Nation – and they sense that they have us on the ropes. Because they do. A people who are surveilled by the regime, censored by the regime (via their state-corporate media), outgunned by the regime, addicted to harmful products, malnourished, demoralized, plagued by in-fighting and vilified in their own homelands have trouble figuring out which way is up, much less mounting a fierce resistance to unrelenting leftist aggression.

I do not support the forceful expulsion of the globalists and their minions because I have illusions about what it will look like. It will be a hard, bloody fight. If we get the globalists off of our throat, we also have to hope for détente with China and Russia, who could decide to exact revenge for smears that our leftist regime aimed at Putin or for the opium wars or anything else that galled them about the Globalist American Empire (GAE). Regardless, we must move forward; the foul degeneracy enabled by the globalist left is killing everyone slowly, and it must be put to an end in a definitive and absolute manner. We must eradicate globalism in a way that does not allow it to rise up ever again – or we must die trying.

To be sure, the grifters ‘pointing out liberal hypocrisy’ plays no role in what must come next. We will need to break free of their loser mentality early in the process. Ben Shapiro and his Facebook money, and the others like him, can go get fucked good and hard. We don’t want them; we don’t need them. What’s more, he doesn’t belong here and he is not part of our movement. I know that was a lot so I will close by wishing Godspeed to my People, may you find strength and wisdom in these trying times. And may we all live to ride again together in a beautiful Nation, under God. The deed is everything.


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