I Can’t Wait For the Killer Robots

I came across this video today and it reminded me to shill my second novel, Smash It! Burn It! (LINK). I don’t think I’ll sit around and wait for the corporate media to do it for me, considering I’m (a) not Woke, (b) White, (c) straight, and (d) I see through their constant bullshit and am not afraid to say it.

I wrote the book in 2017-2018. It’s set in 2029, a short eight years from now. It’s not clear that the self-driving cars featured in the novel will come to fruition by then. But who knows, the corporations are still messing around with that stuff and it is not out of the question. It doesn’t really matter, as the themes and characters will continue to hold up very well for the foreseeable future. And it looks like I nailed the robot part. Here’s an excerpt from the novel regarding a corporate robot developed by a mega-corporation to kill anyone who does not go along with our techno-dystopian future:

“Freddy, it’s Eloy.”

“Hello, Mister Manerton. How can I help you?”

“Yes, I need something from you on an ASAP time-frame. This is red hot. This conversation is level seven confidential and we’re on an encrypted connection.”

“Anything for you, Mister Manerton,” replied Freddy.

“First, call me Eloy. I know that the drones and the robots are still in beta. But I have an emergency and we need to go operational with a drone and a follow-up robot. Medium drone and that one robot you showed me a couple months ago. The Doom-er. We need to do this now. We don’t have any God-damned time to dick around!”

Eloy could hear Freddy Winkler take a deep breath on the other end of the line.

“Mister Manerton… the problem is not the drones and the robots. Those are already operational. Darnell could kill any human on the planet. You should see that beast move! We can take anything out, for the most part. The problem is the cloaking system. The system is not launched yet because we can’t cloak the system, we can’t hide the operations and protect the integrity of the targets well enough,” said Freddy.

“We have to launch, Freddy. A future with NoHands depends on it.”

“Are you sure, Mister Manerton?”

“It’s Eloy and I’m sure. I’ll send you the target’s Universal ID via encrypted message.”

“Okay, Mister Manerton. You want the target eliminated completely?”

“Yes, a drone to the face and then send in Darnell, you know the Doom-bot, to make sure of things. Wait for my confirmation. In fact, come to the Board Room tomorrow morning, first thing. I’ll text you the exact time,” confirmed Eloy Manerton.

F.C. Fox, Smash It! Burn It!

It’s going to be crazy when the illegitimate Globalist American Empire (GAE) launches these type of attacks on its subjects. I expect that we will find a way to defeat them, because Evil cannot and will not triumph over Good.

In the meantime, Smash It! Burn It! remains an underrated book.

Why is it underrated? Because we live in a dystopian, clown-led regime where the corporate media approved ZOG-chow is shit like this, which popped up on the best seller lists as soon as it was released (I chose one book off the list at random, but it would be a good guess that they are all trash or filth or both):

It took TWO shit-tier authors to write this garbage, first-person, present-tense worthless drivel. Absolute fucking trash, suitable only for a bonfire.

It’s a fake, dogshit book – and most of the Amazon reviews are certainly fake as well – as is evidenced by the amateurish, empty, pathetic prose.

Clearly, these two hacks just vomited out Hidden Figures except for libraries, and the corporate media and the dumbfounded herd bought right into it, on cue. Many people love the smell of Woke corporate turds – the Woke publishing companies polish the turds up a bit, the corporate media pushes it in front of people’s dumb, Woke faces and the public gets as close as they can and breathes in, relishing the smell. & they can never get enough of the Woke shit that the corporations shove down their chaffed throats with full force.

It’s just as well, though. Clown world denizens couldn’t handle Milo Tate and Smash It! Burn It! It doesn’t fit their programming. But you, dear reader, can. And you should check it out, or not (it’s your call).

Milo Tate from Smash It! Burn It!

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