Show Me (Too) The Money

Over a period of roughly eleven years, before I started writing novels, I founded and ran a sports agency. I traveled all over the world, visiting every continent (except Africa) multiple times – making deals, negotiating contracts, consulting with brands and recruiting clients and all sorts of other stuff. I represented Olympic Gold Medalists, NFL 1st Round Draft picks, and MLB superstars. It was a crazy, fun ride.

Since corporate sports went Woke, I don’t pay them any attention. The ‘trans’ athletes in the Olympics, the kneeling and ‘black national anthem’ in the NFL, and the same Woke filth in MLB – all of that crap is not worth tolerating and looking past in entertainment. It’s like watching Netflix filth except superimposed over something you loved as a kid, before the country was flooded with pozz.

No thanks on that, hard pass.

That said, the Trevor Bauer story (LINK) is a rare sports story that caught my attention.

My Background Gives Me Perspective to Evaluate This Story

Maddox Malone, the sports agent / protagonist in my first novel (Amazon purchase LINK), had a baseball client (Pepe Soliz) accused of rape. In the novel, he learned about the rape via a phone call he received while he was with his family at LegoLand. Just like Maddox, I was at LegoLand when I received a call that my baseball client, a heavy-set Venezuelan named Pablo Sandoval (nickname, “Kung Fu Panda”), was being held at the police station for questioning due to a rape accusation against him.

An independent contractor for my agency was also involved and stood accused in the same incident: a parasite with a leaky stomach named Wynn Silberman.

The details of the accusations were pretty grim. I’ll let the letter I received, via Sandoval’s defense counsel, from the victim’s lawyer speak for itself (graphic content):

Based on what I know about Silberman and Sandoval, I believe the woman’s version of the story; and I believed her from the minute I heard her accusations. There is no question in my mind she was telling the truth. The whole thing made me sick to my stomach (similar to how Maddox Malone felt in the novel). More on that later.

The Trevor Bauer Accusations:

After I had such a close up view of the gruesome accusations against Sandoval and Silberman, I have a unique ability and perspective to analyze the accusations against Mr. Bauer.

The woman said she consented to have consensual sex with Bauer, but that she “did not agree or consent to what he did next …”

Hill claims the Dodgers pitcher “without asking me or telling me in advance, he wrapped my hair around my neck and choked me.”

She also alleged that Bauer hit her in the face, punched her vagina and buttocks, and sodomized her without her permission – leaving her bleeding and struggling to walk.

Hill said she lost consciousness during both encounters. She was hit in the face during the second.

While the accusations certainly sound serious, a review of the actual evidence shows that the Bauer accuser is almost certainly lying.

First, there are text messages between the two sent back and forth after she was ‘choked out’ during the first rough sex session. She loved the sex (including the choking specifically), she made clear that she loved it and it felt great when she passed out, and she pursued the second rough sex session (which went down more or less the same as the first) more vigorously than Trevor Bauer did. Read them for yourself, four screenshots in all:

The descriptions of the rough sex, out of the context of the bedroom session itself – sound off-putting. If you’re not ‘in the mood’ and participating in the sex itself then that’s just how it is. And most of us know that pussy slapping or pussy smacking is better than pussy punching (which is weird) – but I digress. It is clear that “Gimme all the pain. Rawr,” (etc.) indicates that she wanted to be choked, punched in her pussy and all the rest of what they did together in the bedroom.

Nevertheless, after the second session, the woman went to the police, releasing dramatic selfies along the way to show her ‘injuries’.

A cut lip from rough sex? And?

The messages prove the rough sex was consensual. And messages the woman shared with her female friend paint the rest of the picture:

The woman had chased and given pussy to other wealthy professional players before (Tatis has a $300MM contract), and she made comments about wanting to be a ‘baseball wife’ and bragged that she had her ‘hooks in’ Bauer. Keep in mind that Bauer had just signed a $100MM+ contract in February 2021 – so by claiming she had ‘her hooks in’ she was presumably referring to having a shot at his money. I suspect that she simply calculated that she was more likely to get a payoff by accusing him of rape than actually convincing Bauer to bankroll or marry her. Remember, she had already been passed around by other player(s) before the sexual encounters with Bauer. Put another way: NO WAY was Trevor Bauer going to marry her; he probably wasn’t even going to bang her for much longer. Maybe another session or two, but there was no money in that.

What it all means & How #MeToo hurt Women and Girls

In the Sandoval case, he got off with ZERO criminal charges. He did have to make a civil settlement and the figure was north of two hundred thousand dollars. I remember it well, since he tried to get me to pay half of his sexual assault settlement since ‘Wynn worked for me and was with him when it happened.’ (I declined to make any payment and stopped representing Sandoval shortly after this time.)

In ‘liberal’ San Francisco, there was no public outcry about the rape accusations; there were a couple articles about the incident and it was quickly forgotten. Here’s a screenshot of one:

The whole thing was quickly swept under the rug.

In the Bauer case, which, unlike the Sandoval case, was POST #MeToo, the accuser’s flimsy accusations have been met with a very different reaction. Bauer has been wrongfully suspended from the Los Angeles Dodgers even though he has not been charged with a crime by authorities. Public opinion on Twitter and in the corporate media has skewed against Bauer.

Some dipshit named Bill Plaschke wrote an LA Times column arguing that Bauer should be cut immediately, with no criminal charges against him; all based on accusations that are almost certainly false (LINK).

As of today, Bauer has not been cut by the Dodgers or charged with a crime. If he is, we will have cemented the #MeToo premise that a man can and should be destroyed for consensual rough sex because the woman (a) changes her mind after sex or, more likely, (b) wants an unearned payday.

This isn’t a post attacking the Bauer accuser for being a grimy slut (although it’s pretty obvious that she is a grimy, money-hungry slut). It’s not a post about ‘believing women’ or ‘not believing women.’ Any charge of misogyny against me based on this post is a baseless smear because (a) I love women and (b) I believe women when it makes sense to do so. That is why I believe the Sandoval accuser and I don’t believe the Bauer accuser.

This is a post about discernment and judgment.

The devastating fact is instead of working to PROTECT girls and women who are actual victims of sexual violence, the #MeToo movement and the idiots in corporate media have emboldened false accusers who target rich or famous men (such as Bauer) by giving their fake stories momentum in the court of public opinion – while leaving real rape victims shit out of luck, just like they were before #MeToo started.

This needs to change, especially in a country where we know that underage girls are being trafficked for sex and, additionally, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 rapes of women per year, with White women most often victimized.

Enough with the bullshit.

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