why i write great books

I write in blood.

I write what I want with no regard for the corporate / woke American reader or his shit-tier sensibilities.

Those that write for that audience, one of the most disgusting and debased groups of people ever to live, will never write with blood and without blood there can be no spirit.

What’s more, in a degraded age where publications are chosen and promoted by fat degenerates who pretend men can ‘change into’ women, it is only possible to write great books as an OUTSIDER to American corporate / woke culture.

Spirited writing – like truth and beauty – is despised and hated by the American globalist regime’s cultural guard, the buzzword-wielding leftists and the useless, shrieking Wokes. They dream of censorship and mount a constant attack against their superiors.

Those of us who write in blood are HATED by the regime’s cultural guard. The Wokes publish trash from Ibram Kendi or Hunter Biden or low IQ Ta Coates or this month’s Maya Angelou. They do it with religious zeal and the Woke publications promote the garbage on their digital blogs.

They flood the zone with this corporate / woke trash and pretend the ugly weeds that grow around them are redwoods. It fools people with no discernment, no intelligence, no ability to think. Their scam proceeds and its alternatives are censored and suppressed.

Writing great books NOW, in these dark and stupid times, is a form of both defiance and self-defense – carried out with a joyful wickedness that may be temporarily drowned out by the constant clamor of American clownfoolery… but it contains a determined and eternal spirit that will be remembered long after the worthless filth produced by this American regime is gone and forgotten.

I love this. I want it this way. These goblins scurry about, pushing their Woke buzzwords and attacking their superiors. That is what they are here for, and creating timeless works with them ankle-biting makes it even more fun.

I look down at them and laugh. I look down at them from a great peak, standing on the shoulders of all of TRUE history, all of the great White / European literature, and all of OUR great warriors – and I exalt. I look forward to the time when their stupid, Woke ideas are spoken no more, having been banished by truth and beauty.

And what can be better than laughing and exalting at the same time?

Standing on this mountain peak, it makes clear the tragedy and worthlessness of the Woke American moment. The reality is unmistakable.

How do we win?

Scorn for the Woke, at all times. They don’t deserve any respect.

Coercion for the Woke. Make them change or make them gone.

Lack of concern for the Woke. Nothing they say is true, nothing they say matters. Ignore them unless you are mocking them or heaping scorn on their miserable lives.

Courage in the face of Woke. Wisdom loves only a warrior – fight the Woke with words and deeds.

And most of all… LOVE. Love your people, your family, yourself. There is MADNESS in love but also determination and other-worldly resolve. Woke can never stop a warrior who fights with love in his heart.

God made life so beautiful, the earth, the animals, the objects… He did it for us. The Wokes try to take that away from us, every day. But they can’t. We smile, we love, we fight. We might see a beautiful tree or animal or look out over the ocean and onto the horizon. This is how we know Woke can never win, it can never hold, it can never defeat our spirit.

They can publish a million Woke books and articles – it’s all part of their globalist scam – but the filth they create will never hold a candle to our beautiful canon. We are superior to them in every way.

We are LIGHT; we are DREAMS; we are STRENGTH. We will win.

And that is why I write Great Books.

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