lana del rey appreciation post

I made it through the new Lana Del Rey album for the first time tonight. I got the vinyl edition of Chemtrails Over the Country Club and listened to it twice after dinner. Highly recommend! I don’t listen to too many female vocalists, but Lana is special. Beautiful, as well. I mean, in this day and age, she immediately makes 7 for not being fat. Her beauty takes her to 9; plus one for her voice makes her a dime, a perfect 10. That, despite the fact that she’s post-wall at 35.

Anyway, be sure to check out the album. Even if you don’t usually listen to women sing, do it; you won’t be sorry. Compared to the trash that the music industry constantly pushes, her albums are out of this world.

In unrelated news, I’m very happy that people are reading and enjoying Among the Ruins (& Billionaires), my novel published in late January by Deus Ex Machina Press. I got the inspiration for one of the main characters, Clayton Barlow, while listening to BAP’s Caribbean Rhythms, the episode on Executive Outcomes (I forget the episode number).

Maybe I will take the reviewer’s suggestion and write a sequel. I am also working on getting the book translated into a screenplay and put on film. Anyhow, I haven’t started work on a new novel as I’ve been attending to other business opportunities since I finished Among the Ruins – if they are as successful as I hope / expect, I’ll fund the film myself.

You can get a copy of the novel HERE. It was fun to write and I’m glad people are saying it is just as worthwhile to read.

Take care my brothers and sisters! Stay safe in these trying times.

Beautiful, Talented and Not Fat… in 2021!

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