japan fought gay propaganda like samurai but lost; hari kari next

Japan held off against the constant global onslaught of homosexual propaganda but it looks like they will lose the battle to protect their institutions.

The Guardian article notes that this is the result of pressure from the most powerful homosexual globalist regime – America – and it also admits the involvement of Jewish banks like Goldman Sachs in this push to force Japan to accept the American / globalist homosexual agenda in full.

The American Chamber of Commerce last year issued a statement saying that Japan’s stance makes it less competitive internationally as a result.

A number of companies have taken their own steps to work around the situation, including both international companies and Japanese firms such as Panasonic. But there are limits.

“For things that are part of the national system, such as pensions, there’s nothing they can do,” said Masa Yanagisawa, head of Prime Services at Goldman Sachs Japan and a board member of the NGO Marriage for All Japan.

“All the other advanced countries have this, so Japan will lose out competitively. Then there’s the fact that people can’t be who they are. It becomes quite business critical.”

Obviously, it is unclear as to how Japan would be “less competitive” if it preserved its institution of traditional marriage and homosexuals had to get by with a homosexual union that doesn’t invade the space of the institution of marriage (which could be created by private contract and practical measures like living together and combining assets or whatever they wanted to do).

The article goes on to claim without evidence… “Something, something, people can’t be who they are” without homosexual “marriage” and that is “business critical” (in some undefined way.)

Of course there are gay people in Japan. That is the way things are and nobody is arguing that gays should not be allowed to exist and have protections under the law like other people.

That being said, the attack vector against societal norms and the continuation of communities and institutions arrives not via gay people themselves (although some were surely involved) but via corporate-media-produced gay propaganda. And, as we have seen in the last ten or fifteen years of aggressive gay / rainbow propaganda in the United States and other western countries, once you start to lose the battle to stem gay propaganda it snowballs into all sorts of other things.

It is not the only reason America is disintegrating in real time – not by a longshot – but the aggressive homosexual propaganda is a contributing factor in America’s steep Woke decline.

In America, the follow on to the initial homosexual agenda was the strange, aggressive push to create and normalize a thing called “transgenderism.” That is when men (mostly) pretend to “change into” women either by modifying how they dress or taking hormones. In extreme cases, they cut off their dicks and a “doctor” makes a fake hole, sort of a crevice meant to imitate a vagina. It is quite unbelievable, really. This strange phenomenon – where the trap laid by the aggressive Globohomo propaganda is to set it up so if anyone points out the obvious truth, “Hey, that’s a male dressed as a woman,” they are immediately accused of “hate” or “phobia” and attacked by a Woke mob of idiots and corporate media drones.

In reality, nobody “hates” these people, and I certainly don’t. However, I do hate the laughable propaganda pushed by corporate media and the Woke mob’s attempt to coerce and bully people into pretending that someone can “change their sex.” I’m not going to pretend men can change into women. I don’t give a shit if they kick me off Twitter for it and close my bank accounts. I’m not willing to repeat lies to gain favor with Woke.

After “transgenderism” there are indications that the Wokes will try to push pedophilia. You can see the signs all around as America continues its decline.

Maybe the brewing showdown with China has something to do with the fact that the Chinese have not adopted globohomo propaganda in full? God knows, that is one of the reasons globohomo hates Putin and Russia.

Anyway, sorry for Japan – now you’re going to get blasted with gay propaganda, then “trans” and then (probably) pedophilia. So, best of luck in stemming off the next phase, but I doubt they will have greater success than we did here under the globalist American regime.

It’s sad to see another once-great country fall to the rainbow flag.

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