Scumbag floyd gets $27MM; Ashli babbitt murderer still on the loose

The estate of the convicted felon and drug addict, George Floyd, who died because he swallowed his stash to conceal it from police, was paid $27MM for ‘damages.’ His accidental suicide spurred riots and looting that were, for the most part, condoned by the corporate media and many of the regime’s career politicians.

Obviously, the Floyd estate should not have received a penny. How did they come up with that number anyway? Was it an estimate of how much money Floyd could have stolen in armed robberies if he lived to be 80?

It sure as hell wasn’t going to be his shitty semi-professional pornography that earned that kind of dough. What a clown country.

Meanwhile, the Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt is still on the loose. I did the legal analysis HERE – it was outright murder. The regime currently running the United States government won’t even name him. It is a foregone conclusion that Ashli will get neither justice nor compensation to her estate in her death. Because she is White and the regime running this country is a vicious group of anti-White woke clowns.

Brace yourself for what is coming; the current American regime will have its back up against the wall as the dollar-printing becomes unsustainable and the woke platitudes and black fart-huffing become unsustainable. It will lash out as much as it can (as we are already seeing with the anti-White zealotry of the coming Merrick Garland “justice” department and its attempt to target White people as scapegoats for the failing woke, illegitimate regime.)

I would suggest Crypto and tools / training for self-defense. This regime will collapse in on itself sooner than you think (and it won’t be pretty.)

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