a year later, the corona hoax marches on

No Chinese person ever “dropped dead” from “Corona”-virus. That didn’t happen. Oddly enough, the opening scene of the Corona hoax involved the globalist corporate media reporting on Chinese dropping dead in the street. They used that big lie to kick off the hoax and then memory-holed it as they continued to flood the zone with more disinformation and propaganda. Since “Chinese dropping dead” was obviously fake, they won’t even mention that part of the hoax anymore. It surprised me that people fell for the narrative, but they did.

The beginning of the Corona Hoax

Once they pushed the “dropping dead” propaganda, the corporate media and its puppeteers were able to terrorize normal mothers, women and feminized nu-males. These people became terrified of “THE VIRUS.” Weak / fearful people believed in the Corona hoax immediately, and they were scared as hell. It’s no surprise: Fear is a powerful force.

But no one was even dying from “Corona” virus, much less “dropping dead” in the street. The deaths that were recorded as “Corona” were re-purposed deaths from other causes. The fact that they trawled the nursing homes for the next phase of the Corona hoax should have been a giveaway: sadly, the mortality rate there is high no matter the year. That had nothing to do with “Corona.”

When normal people started noticing that the death rates were not ticking up during the “Corona pandemic” the corporate media and their backers circled the wagons. They aggressively censored the people who didn’t buy into the globalist-driven Corona narrative. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all cracked down hard on people who noticed that the entire Corona-virus narrative was a hoax.

After the censorship kicked into gear, the corporate media and globalist politicians changed the narrative from talking about “Corona deaths” (which were all fake) to talking about “Corona cases.” They did this because the hoax had caused people to (voluntarily or involuntarily) get PCR tests. These tests were fraudulent, they were triggered by anything from the common cold to nothin at all. Sure, people got colds, flu, pneumonia, whatever – but the Corona-hoaxers called it all “Covid-19.” Even though there was no uptick in death rates, the globalist corporate media referred to the Corona narrative as a “deadly pandemic.”

They flooded the zone, every day, every hour, every minute with stories about “Corona cases” and all sorts of other disinformation (variations of Corona, twerking nurses, overflowing hospitals, blah blah blah). All of it was fake.

It was like a sick joke; still, scared feminized males and most women went along with the fake, shifting narrative. As the corporate media continued to flood the zone with disinformation, the credulous Corona-believers couldn’t remember the recent lies they told (e.g., Chinese dropping dead in the street from “Corona”). They simply believed whatever came next.

When the media admitted that there was no flu in 2020, again the Corona-believers didn’t stop to question their new religion and master. Obviously the flu didn’t go away, it had just been re-branded as Corona so they could use it in statistics relating to their propaganda. But Corona believers didn’t care; their job is to believe and enforce the narrative against anyone who questions it by shrieking loudly about “cases” and “Corona deaths” and the “deadly pandemic.”

They are the weak, fearful bug-people that make globalist hellholes possible. They will never stand up for themselves because they can never believe in anything that is not pushed into their head by corporate media.

Things went on like this as globalist regimes throughout the world extended their illegal lockdowns (humans have a natural right to liberty from tyrannical governments; any tyranny is illegitimate on its face) from two weeks to a year and counting.

The media, to spur acceptance of these Corona-inspired measures, instituted a shocking (in its obviousness) new wave of propaganda.

They called the “Corona” lifestyle the “new normal.”

The credulous dipshits who slavishly believe the corporate media bought in. They attacked people who rejected the ridiculous “Corona masks,” lock-downs, Big pharma mystery vaccines, etc. They could never step back and admit how wrong they were, that they were fooled by the corporate media and the career politicians.

The more intelligent people – primarily dissidents who understand the evil of globalism and are skeptical of globalist corporate media outlets – poked holes in the narrative, which was obviously false.

When the dissidents spoke up, the corporate media and the Corona-dipshits responded as they usually do: with their stupid buzzwords (i.e. “terrorists,” “viruses,” “misinformation,” “racism,” “sexism,” “homophobia,” “transphobia,” “electoral-system skepticism,” “White-supremacists,” “anti-maskers,” “vaccine hesitancy,” “religion,” etc.). They screeched angrily against anyone who saw through the corporate media barrage of propaganda and spoke up about it. In addition to their screeching, they deployed their usual tactics: censorship and more propaganda.

So, what was the point of all this? There are complementary globalist agendas involved. They include the destruction of small business in favor of global mega-corporations; the consolidation of power in the hands of the various globalist regimes; profits for Big Pharma via their poisonous mystery shots; mail-in voting to get Orange Man Bad out of office, humiliate regular folks by making them wear ridiculous face diapers, and many more.

The Corona hoax was & is a bonanza for the globalist regimes. Once they saw people fall for the “Chinese dropping dead in the streets” portion of the hoax, they were off to the races.

Why not push their hoax when it allowed them to implement their multiple agendas while censoring and attacking their non-globalist enemies?

A year later, it seems unlikely that anyone will be able to force them to stop their hoaxes (Corona and whatever they invent next) because many people (inexplicably) trust the global corporate media. Those that don’t are banned, censored and attacked or otherwise silenced with the usual stupid buzzwords deployed by the corporate media and their mid-wit useful idiot parrots.

As I wrote months ago, in a just world we would have a Nuremberg-style trial for the Corona hoaxers. Every single person, politician and executive at the media corporations that pushed this hoax would be held to account (with a fair trial) and then hanged by the neck until they are dead. This fake pandemic was/is way worse than the holocaust; many more lives have been destroyed by government action in the face of this fake disease than were taken by Hitl0r.

It’s all so fucking tiresome. But don’t expect the masked and ‘vaccinated’ idiots who go along with the regime / corporate media propaganda to wake up soon. They are too stupid and they are too scared. And the rest of us are stuck with the fallout.

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