portnoy’s complaint

Bezos’ Amazon put my first novel (Jerry Haywire) on feature this past week (I have no idea why or how that works, the discount came off of their distribution fee) and it sold more copies than usual.

It was fine. I’m not complaining about it. But it made me think of a review I read a year ago, HERE.

I never read Portnoy’s Complaint, or anything else by Philip Roth and never will. But selling those extra copies this week made me think of the Counter Currents takedown… and that made me think of the number of copies of that book Philip Roth sold in his first year, thanks to his corporate media backing.

It is weird that we let our literature get completely hijacked by a hostile group, primarily located in New York, which proceeded to create an entirely fraudulent feedback loop promoting worthless filth. It’s bizarre that Roth sold 4 copies of that book, much less the actual number. The book is continually listed with all sorts of accolades, even though it is outright trash written by a degenerate.

How lazy and dejected do you have to be to outsource your artistic culture and all your critical thinking skills to a bunch of mid-wits who are “deconstructing” your culture and your race? To people who want you degraded and dead?

I guess you have to laugh.

Anyway… good times & I hope everyone who bought a discounted copy enjoys the story. If you like it, remember to leave a review – that means more than any bullshit review in the New Yorker ever could.

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