The lunatic is he who loses his way and cannot return

Let’s see:

The Shitlibs pulled Dr. Suess for doing a “racism.”

Dudes are pretending they are women and demanding that everyone play along with the charade.

The Shitlibs spent $19M to put a fence around the Capitol building after a “deadly riot” where the only deaths were unarmed protesters of the fr@udulent election. Ashli Babbitt’s murder has gone unchallenged and generally unreported. We still don’t know the name of the Capitol police officer who shot her dead (she was unarmed) at point blank range.

The Shitlibs in the corporate media rant on and on about “White People.” Here is an example from Jewish ‘journalist’ Jon Greenberg – trash like this is posted every day (always check the surname / early life of the propagandist who writes it and see if you notice a pattern).

Hollywood and the media in general wrecks everything good by insisting on inserting “diversity” into anything that was ever cool or remotely cool. Everything is made ridiculous in short order. The culture is a degraded, degenerate, decadent pile of shit. Cardi B sits atop it, twerking and rapping about her nasty wet pussy.

Kamala Harris’ ugly step-daughter is capitalizing on the election fr@ud and resulting connections with modeling and fashion deals.


DURHAM, DENNAHY and BARR cover ups. “John Durham” was brought in to cover up FBI malfeasance as to the origin of the Russia Hoax. No one looked closely at his history as a federal cover-up artist (if he’s even a real person). Is it strange that there are three pictures of the guy online and he has NEVER done a television or print interview? That doesn’t seem to jive with the corporate media’s description of him as a successful / tough prosecutor. “Durham” also smothered investigations of FBI wrongdoing in re: the Boston mob (they were all informants and FBI was tapped in on the illegal activities) and the US Military torture scandal. Nora Dannehy was also brought in for the same purpose. This is a woman who was rewarded with a 9 year sinecure at UTC for helping to cover up the same torture scandal (no charges resulted despite obvious crimes). After Barr became AG, Dennahy returned to the “public sector” for a year or so to help bury the FBI misdeeds on Russia gate (no charges for Obama, Brennan, etc.). She is undoubtedly getting another corporate payoff now for helping to cover up the corruption. Barr, for his part, years after defending the FBI sniper who shot innocent civilians at Ruby Ridge in cold blood, managed to bury the Russia / Obama scandal (no charges) and the Epstein investigation (no significant details of the Mossad/CIA blackmail operation uncovered) before riding off into the sunset via his recent resignation. He also looked the other way while large scale election fr@ud took place. “John Durham” also quietly resigned after running out the clock on the FBI / fed crimes relating to the Russia Hoax spying. The dissident right knew that the corrupt government would circle the wagons and protect itself from open scrutiny. Boomer-cons, Q-tards, Cuckservatives and Con Inc. in general were shell-shocked as the obvious corruption stood unchallenged – they bought into the corporate media hype and had the rug pulled out from under them after the cover up was exposed.

Good, solid Americans are noticing the corruption of this regime.

Thuggish, low IQ women are raping 6 year olds. This type of thing is a daily occurrence. By the time you can process one of these incidents, more have occurred.

Black attacks on Asians are blamed on “White Soooopreeeemery.”

The fake pandemic marches on. Ridiculous mask rules are debated while Big Pharma produces dubious, untested mystery shots. No one but the most credulous mid-wits will take the shot.

The senile vegetable who was “fortified” into the presidency is unleashing hell on innocent people in the Middle East, for profit.

There is too much ridiculous degeneracy to document.

The lunacy is constant. It splinters into a thousand different directions. The information overload is too much to track, too much to document. But the unifying force, the constant is the corporate media attack on White Americans, highlighted by the recent testimony of the aggressive anti-White zealot Merrick Garland. Garland and his ilk will never stop unless they are named, marked and stopped by force of will.

Nancy Isenberg, huh?

The Fed (created by the US government) is printing dollars at a ludicrous rate.

I could go on and on. The descent into Clown World America continues apace. It always seems like it can’t go any further; it always goes further. Anyone who does not take active measures to peacefully reverse the course of this absurd and out-of-control woke & gay regime has lost his way. Anything short of a full reset of America’s globalist decline is a full concession to lunacy. If you don’t pull yourself and your society out of the open air insane asylum, you will never leave.

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