burned and paid

This guy is fed up with African violence in the US and I can’t say I blame him.

Okay, okay. I’ll answer his question. I know it’s not ‘polite’ to notice, but the American regime’s Lügenpresse simply refuses to report on crime committed by Africans living in the United States.

As the man in the video points out, the double murder was reported by NONE of the national news outlets. A couple local news outlets did publish the details of the grisly killings. You can read one such article HERE if you like.

Nationally, there are a few independent writers who do try to keep up with reporting facts about African crime in America, a task that would be too all-consuming for many of us. It happens EVERY DAY, over and over again. That’s why cities like Detroit, Baltimore and many others have had to be abandoned in whole or in part (St. Louis, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and others have ‘no-go’ Africanized zones.

HERE is a recent post from Steve Sailer, who generally does a great job analyzing the statistics and notes the lack of candid reporting by the corporate media about the problem.

HERE is a recent post from Paul Kersey, who does a great job of naming and remembering victims that are ignored and covered up by the anti-White American regime’s media arm.

Note that both posts are on Unz.com, Ron Unz’s free speech website. Anyone writing honestly – even one time – about African criminality on a corporate media outlet would be fired immediately for doing a “racism.”

I could go on and on with examples similar to this double murder, which is why I don’t cover African crime often. It would be a full-time task to do so, and I don’t have time for it. Instead, I would encourage you to keep up with Sailer, Kersey and the others who post frequently on this discouraging topic.

Anyhow, the regime press’ TOTAL blackout on the mention of African crime is not a groundbreaking observation. Everyone who is not stupid knows that when they don’t report a crime or obfuscate the details about a criminal’s race it is because the criminal is an African.

People joke openly about the obvious dishonesty on the free speech corners of the internet:

Two Africans recently shot Lady Gaga’s dog-walker four times and stole the dogs. Corporate media tried to hide/ignore the race of the perps, as they always do.

The Lügenpresse narrative is “White Man Bad.” They have let their hatred for and jealousy of White people overtake them to a degree not previously thought possible. Whites have long taken the approach of laughing off the smears and getting on with our business. But as you can see from the video I posted above, many people are starting to notice the media’s constant stream of lies and propaganda and the people who notice it quickly get (pardon my French) fucking sick of the God-damned bullshit.

White People Bad, according to Corporate Media.

I’ll close with three observations:

  1. Raymond Weber, the Low-IQ shit-bag who committed the murders, was wanted at the time of the killings on an arrest warrant in Utah (for domestic battery and other violent crimes). If you read Sailer and Kersey or one of the few others who reports candidly on African crime in America, you will see that this is often the case. The criminal justice system simply can’t (or won’t) keep up with the level of criminality brought to bear by Africans like Raymond Weber. This isn’t 1950s America anymore – and even under President Trump there was a disgusting push to release African criminals from jail rather than to incarcerate the ones on the streets. It is a sad state of affairs, and as the country continues its steep and steady decline you can expect more and more of this type of thing (even though it won’t be reported in the national ‘news’). The lying press will continue its false anti-White narrative and black crime will continue to skyrocket (discussed by Sailer HERE).
  2. Savannah Rae Theberge paid the toll. Through death, she learned a tough lesson at age 26. It is a lesson she should have already known at that age. A quick glance at the local news story showed that she lived a hard life. She was rode hard and put away wet, a single mom at 26 (her child is White) who ended up falling in with a self-professed ‘gangsta ass nigga.’ The man in the Tik-Tok video posted above seemed very upset for her. That’s fine, of course, but SHE made the decision to mix with and ‘get engaged’ to Raymond Weber. Her death was completely predictable and therefore avoidable. I am not saying she deserved to be murdered. She didn’t. But it is silly to pretend that her murder was a surprise.
  3. The fifteen-year-old murdered girl has not been publicly identified, presumably due to her age. I don’t know the circumstances that led her to be in a room with Raymond Mercer and his ‘fiance.’ But at 15, there should have been someone in her life that protected her from Raymond Mercer. A father, an uncle, even an older brother. She should never have been in a room with Raymond Weber. She should never have even met Raymond Weber. But there’s more to it than that. This girl, whoever she was, had no way to know much about African crime. The corporate media doesn’t report it fairly. Netflix and Hollywood are also complicit in her death. Raymond Mercer turned out to be nothing like the “Numinous Negroes” and other diversity-castings she saw on television (see HERE for their latest absurd appropriation of White culture, a new Superman movie ‘in the works’ from Jew J.J. Abrams and Low-IQ race-hustling “author” Ta Coates). Likely, because corporate establishment propaganda convinced her “everyone is the same” and it is “racist” not to associate with people who are not like her, she never even knew that she had put herself in a very dangerous situation until right before the bullets entered her body. May God bless her soul.

This won’t end until we end it. Then again, with half of the population brainwashed by a weird mix of the corporate media’s “White Supremacy” and “White Fragility” narrative, combined with forced integration and the complete loss of freedom of association, an easy solution does not come to mind. Maybe full cash reparations for slavery (combined with repatriation to Africa of course) is the best approach?

We don’t owe them anything that we haven’t already given them (affirmative action in schools, race preferences in hiring, public housing, welfare, general black fart huffing), but at least we would get our cities back in the deal. Wouldn’t it be great to have a livable Detroit again?

TFW murdered by some shitty rapper’s brother.

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