books and films for days

I’m sending out copies of all my books this afternoon to my friend The Tactical Hermit – one of the best follows around (LINK).

When you are an author who is purposely detached from the scummy New York publishing houses (they publish trash) and doesn’t pay for any online promotion, it takes longer to get the word out. Especially if you are censored / banned on Twitter, YouTube, etc. Anyway, we’ll see if TH likes the books or not, reviews on Amazon have been mostly five or four stars.

UPDATE on Among the Ruins film:

I received a significant contribution of Monero to be put toward the budget for a high quality screenplay based on my latest novel Among the Ruins (& Billionaires). If you are interested in contributing toward the production of this anti-woke story, please see HERE for my Bitcoin and Monero addresses. We need to raise $750k TOTAL (~$100K raised so far) to make the project viable and produce a great film. The story is gritty and doesn’t require fancy sets or any CGI but that is still the minimum budget required to make a great film with high quality actors & director / cinematography.

Every little bit of crypto helps, ten bucks, fifty bucks, or whatever. I am pursuing funding from high level donors with in person meetings.

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