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Cancel Cable. Unsubscribe to all corporate media. Cancel Netflix. Unsubscribe to Disney and every woke corporate media / entertainment company. If you feel the need to watch a movie, pirate it (in Minecraft.) Make the billionaires that fund these propaganda rags subsidize every last penny of the filth that spews out of their offices and studios.

I try not to read or comment too often on the corporate media propaganda that floods the zone in support of the Globalist American Empire (GAE) on an hourly basis. Most people who read my posts and novels already know corporate media is degenerate filth. But this example was too good to pass up.

A dipshit named Hamilton Nolan published a piece in the Columbia Journalism Review that demands some correction and explication. I don’t read the Columbia Journalism Review – don’t care – so I saw it a few months after it was posted. You can read the whole thing HERE if you like. After I went through the article, I ran a two minute search on the author and it appears that he worked at Gawker (the blog put out of business by Peter Thiel) and a few other shit-rags (something called Splinter?); he attended Howard University (a shit-tier school ranked by USNEWS at #80 in the country.)

Hamilton Nolan, Urban Bugman

Let’s start in on his article:

THIS MONTH we learned that Tesla, a $400 billion public company run by one of the richest people in the world, has done away with its media relations department—effectively formalizing an informal policy of ignoring reporters.

Smart. Most of the ‘reporters’ are dipshit activists, like Nolan. Why talk to them? Why acknowledge their existence? DO NOT extend them any courtesy or respect.

Though we should all be grateful for the chance to hear less about Tesla, we should also recognize this for what it is: one more glaring data point showing that powerful people no longer think they need the mainstream press, especially critical and ethical outlets like the Washington Post

I have investigated the issue and only the most credulous urban bugmen would try to pass Jeff Bezos’ propaganda rag off as “ethical.”

We are living through a historic, technology-fueled shift in the balance of power between the media and its subjects. The subjects are winning. 

“Subjects” is a ridiculous choice of words. Many people are learning that they can get better content on Substack, WP blogs, Unz.com and the dissident accounts that have survived the last five years of Twitter’s government-subsidized censorship. Quite the opposite of being “subjects”, non-bugmen only read legacy media outlets to mock their activist writers and debunk their constant stream of lies – as I’m doing here. Put simply, we’re not your subjects, Hamilton. You have no power over us and we see through your misinformation.

As journalists, we all view this as a horrifying assault on the public’s right to know, and on our own status as brave defenders of the public good. And that is all true, for what it’s worth. But this is about power. We need to take some back, lest the rich and powerful run away from one of the last forces restraining them.

Again: sure, there are still regime-supporting bugmen that click on WaPo’s propaganda. “Brave defenders of the public good?” Nope. More like mid-wit establishment hacks and mindless corporate pawns. Useful idiots. Woke deviants. Nobody’s buying your transparent attempt to talk past the sale, Hamilton.

Because journalism, particularly at the highest level, is about raw power. It is about bringing important people to heel, on behalf of the public.

Wrong again. It’s about smearing people that the corporate media hacks don’t like. Donald Trump, for one example. And all of his supporters. And, come to think of it, White people in general. Just look at the vile filth that spews out of the media on a constant basis:

Hamilton Nolan presses on with his article, burying several false premises in his narrative:

The Washington Post and its competitors—the elite level of national news, the places that have traditionally set the agenda—are the most vulnerable to this shift. They are the relatively small portion of the media that is able to command both access and editorial independence. Politicians feel that they must deal with the Post, but the Post still feels like it can say what it wants, critical or otherwise. That state of affairs, which has been taken for granted for decades, is evaporating. 

Nothing about the Washington Post or its competitors is “elite.” These outlets are populated with simple fools who are elevated based on their willingness to write thinly-veiled regime propaganda. Nepotism is also often in play. Elite has nothing to do with the Washington Post, the New York Times (and all the rest of the woke legacy outlets).

Imagine calling a corporate media outlet that employs the ghoulish, neocon-liberal hag Jen Rubin “elite.”

Hamilton then goes on a tangential rant about Donald Trump. Look, I have some policy quarrels with Trump: he almost always seemed to be talking about either “Israel” (I don’t care about Israel) or “black unemployment” (same, don’t care.) Trump chickened out (or was outmaneuvered) in the face of blatant electoral fraud. But every now and then some great Nationalist speeches and actions slipped through the cracks. Even if it was short lived, he banned the vile practice of critical race theory anti-White propaganda from public places. There were a few achievements like that which showed AMERICA CAN REVERSE its ongoing decline in the future with a more focused, ruthless and effective leader. He helped expose the corruption and decadence of the American regime and he showed us that a bright future with a Nationalist government is entirely possible.

Trump himself, a pure creature of the New York tabloids, is too vain and dumb to realize that he could probably ignore the normal elite press altogether. But his incredible accumulation of power in the face of countless well-documented scandal stories in the Post and the New York Times and elsewhere—stories that would have brought down earlier presidents—is a proof of concept that will surely be used by smarter characters in the future. 

I pointed out above that Hamilton Nolan is a Howard half-wit. Whatever anyone thinks of Trump – and I noted some gentle criticisms of my own above – we know Trump is obviously two standard deviations above Hamilton in terms of raw intelligence.

Before he concludes, he asks:

The question for the Post is: What are you gonna do about it?

I’ll take that one, Hamilton. They’re not gonna do shit.

Many already know this, but I’ll say it anyway, just in case: when corporate media scum contacts you… whether you are Elon Musk or Joe Sixpack… you owe them nothing. Not politeness, not respect, not even a ‘no comment.’ The only thing you should say to corporate media propagandists – unless you take a few minutes to mock their stupidity – is “go get fucked.” Their hit pieces are always full of lies and (at best) shady half-truths. Just post your rebuttal on your blog or your social media (get friends to link it for you if you are censored by the regime’s corporate partners) and go on with life. Nobody cares what these people write besides a few urban bugmen and closeted beltway homosexuals and *NEWSFLASH* those people hate you anyway.

Let the corporate media stew in the stinking filth of their irrelevance.

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