blacks demand split country because of white supremacy

I’ve never been interested in “White supremacy” or any racial group politics. Viewing people as individuals has always seemed to be the best policy.

But racial group politics sure seem to be interested in me: The corporate media and the career politicians overseeing the Globalist American Empire (GAE) continually run propaganda against White people like me, pointing out what they call our “Supremacy.” It happens every day in GAE.

Okay, whatever. Why did I bring this up for a post?

The PR wing for b-l-m (in this case CNN) ran a lengthy and particularly angry screed attacking White people for this and that. It was centered on some commercial that b-l-m ran attacking Trump. Pretty boring shit, to be honest. My friend sent it to me via Signal, and I’ll admit I only skimmed it for a laugh – but no doubt it contains all the usual globalist/ communist-style bullshit.

Here it is if you must see it for yourself: LINK.

Something surprising happened, though, as I read part of the screed. My way of thinking changed. We really need to do something about this awful situation. I think the only thing we can do to protect non-Whites from this ‘dangerous Supremacy’ is to go ahead and split off from them (for their protection). Let’s just go our separate ways so things don’t go on like this. They deserve it, and we need to make sure they keep the media companies so they can continue to write their White man bad articles from Detroit, Baltimore or wherever else is in their assigned territory. I know they can do great as long as Whites are not around to hold back their untapped potential!

It will be hard for Whites to take – non-whites bring MANY great things to the table. I don’t want to cite all their achievements: they are too many to list and the task is daunting. Rap music (or was that the Jews?) and crushing peanuts into peanut butter come to mind, but those are only the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure. Maybe someone can list them for me – or even one thing – in the comments. Anyhow, everyone can see that this country is doing MUCH better since 1965’s Hart Celler Act opened the doors to the third world. The corporate media knows that improvement came about because “Diversity is our Strength.” But – MY FELLOW WHITES – lets not think of ourselves during trying times like the “deadly Corona pandemic.” Let’s thing of the growth and safety of the non-whites who, as CNN pointed out, have had to endure ‘this and that’ for 400 years. I’m sure whatever they are complaining about was a lot worse than things everyone has seen in every corner of the globe (including Whites, despite their “Supreme-ness” since the beginning of time.

Let’s go ahead and give them what they are clearly demanding. A split into separate countries with strict geographical boundaries and the biggest border wall ever built. It will keep them safe from us.

Split it up! Break it off! Be done with all this “terrible White supremacy.”

They can finally reach their potential. Give them room to grow their civilization – they are very capable of maintaining what we built for them (nevermind Zimbabwe and Liberia and on and on) and that is a plain fact. This split is the only way to end “White Supremacy” in the old USA, clearly the biggest problem facing non-whites in our country and the rest of the world. Do it today.

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