electricity bad

All of the various corporate media / propaganda outlets controlled by the Globalist American Empire (GAE) recently came out against… *checks notes*… Electricity.

Sure, they used their usual dishonest sleight-of-hand to word the propaganda in a way that didn’t name electricity directly:

Electricity: “An energy intensive process that currently often relies on fossil fuels, particularly coal, the dirtiest of them all.”

There are several layers of deception and propaganda included in the new “definition” of electricity. By the way, I have never heard the Lügenpresse complain about efforts to bring electricity to third world countries. Why not?

Even the use of the term “fossil fuels” carries a layer of deception dating back to the 1800s when robber barons coined the term to forward the narrative that oil came from decomposed ‘dinosaurs.’ This allowed them to imply more scarcity than really existed, so they could charge more per barrel.

Everything they say is fake and everything they say is aimed at keeping this regime in a position of control over people, resources and money.

Many people already know that everything the mockingbird media says is a lie. That is not a revelation.

Why this particular propaganda against Bitcoin and why now?

  1. The Globalist American Empire is printing dollars like crazy to prop up the service / digital economy they have created by outsourcing manufacturing to third world countries to take advantage of slave-labor wages.
  2. Bitcoin and the other alt-coins (Monero is also interesting, as are a few others like Litecoin, Ethereum and more) present an alternative framework to the dollar as printed and distributed to banks / mega corps / politician’s friends via the corrupt regime. Remember, every time they print another $2 Trillion, most of it is dark money that goes to banks and mega-corporations (with kickbacks to politicians through ‘charities,’ book deals and slush funds in the D.C. area lobbying ‘industry.’)
  3. The Globalist American Empire senses a vulnerability since they know they will have to continue to print many more trillions of dollars to continue to prop up their failing regime. Printing money is not sustainable; it never has been.
  4. They fear being elbowed out of digital currency by these other offerings and want to compete with them (via a USA regime issued digital currency).
  5. The American regime needs an attack vector to ‘take out’ Bitcoin and the other alt-coins that they do not control.
  6. This particular attack vector (‘pollution’) ties in to the ‘global warming / climate change’ hoax. Keep in mind, GAE doesn’t care about ‘pollution’ per se. You never hear the globalist American regime complaining about the very damaging pollution from micro-plastics and other chemicals and the utter destruction of important ecological rivers in China, India and elsewhere. GAE singles out Bitcoin mining “pollution” (electricity) because it ties into something they are desperately focused on: regime control.

There it is, folks, the regime is using its propaganda outlets to try to position itself and its corrupt central banking system to compete with the digital currencies that have a ten+ year head start on them.

They will rain down propaganda first and then, like everything else they do, will resort to brute force tyranny to insert themselves in the middle of the digital currency race.

At what point will they start the lawfare process against Bitcoin, Monero, etc.?

They are already arresting people for making fun of Hillary Clinton on Twitter in 2016 (Ricky Vaughn). Via repetitive propaganda, they turned an unarmed group who took selfies and got a little rowdy with a podium in their Capitol building on January 6th into an “insurrection.” It wasn’t an insurrection by any sensible definition, and GAE has yet to be held accountable for the murder of an unarmed woman, Ashli Babbitt, who they killed at the rowdy election fraud protest (they shot her in the neck, point blank). To control the currency (the only remaining strength of this regime other than outright physical tyranny), they will go to the mattresses if need be. If propaganda doesn’t work expect the regime to take measures to forcefully coopt or shut down digital currencies they do not fully control. For these reasons, expect more of this trash from the lying press in the coming weeks and months as they try to keep the installed HarrisBiden Regime in power on top of a full economic collapse of the fake economy they have created over the last 30-50 years.

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