globalist american regime investigates selfies in capitol; ignores epstein blackmail

Everybody has known about the Epstein / Maxwell child prostitution ring and blackmail operation – which was run brazenly, in the open – for more than twenty years.

The American globalist ‘law enforcement’ regime swept it under the rug. We still don’t know – and will never know – which politicians were compromised by the CIA / Mossad operation and which laws and policies were influenced by the blackmail scheme.

They won’t investigate Epstein; that would be damaging to the regime since it would expose rampant corruption. Instead, the regime is pursuing show trials from what their propagandists have labeled the ‘insurrection’ of January 6th. On that day, unarmed election fraud protesters entered the Capitol (as many other groups have over the years, such as the Kavanaugh protesters), took unauthorized selfies, etc. Minimal damage took place, such as a few broken windows. Those ‘investigations’ are just getting started:

In related news, the globalist regime will grant impunity to its officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt in cold blood. Ms. Babbitt was unarmed and presented no physical threat to the armed Capitol police or any member of the American government regime as she protested against an obviously fraudulent election which installed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I looked at the legal issues involved HERE, showing that the officer (who the globalist regime refuses to name) was guilty of murder.

The regime shot her down in cold blood and pretended she deserved it for questioning them.

Of course, all of this was entirely predictable. To set the stage for excusing the murder, they are starting to leak the ‘news’ out through one of their main propaganda outlets, the New York Times.

GET PREPARED: The regime will be ramping up political prosecutions of its enemies in the coming months, like they did with the Ricky Vaughn sham charges discussed HERE. Anyone who disagrees with the American globalist regime and dares publicly criticize their corruption and malevolence is at risk of being arrested, harassed, and even killed like Ashli Babbitt. Including you and me. Stay safe; stay ready.

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