lessons from sudeikis / wilde

I was messing around on an incognito Twitter account (I’m persona non grata over there) and I came across the story of Olivia Wilde dumping Jason Sudeikis on his ass to date a singer (more on that later).

It reminded me of an old CH Post (LINK), which I included below in full in case something happens to that archive.

Vixen signaling.

She looks like she has enough experience to know.

This is the ideal Clownworld female. You may not like it, but this is what peak hypergamy and lack of social feedback loops looks like. ~ Trevor Goodstone.

Remember the CH post about men experiencing better sex with hotter women? ANALogously, women experience better sex with more inconsiderate men. This isn’t a looks thing for women. A handsome niceguy won’t rock her womb like a beat-up jerkboy will. The Aloof Asshole Attitude is the special romantic ingredient that adds heat to a girl’s pink pleat.

Gently make love to the typical Americunt? Get outta here with that softbore coring. Toss her around like a rag doll and slap her face with your dick? Now you’re cooking with fash!

PS That thing to the t-shirt girl’s right? I bet it calls its dog “ruth bader ginsbark”.

That brings me to Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

I don’t follow celebrity relationships too often (and I guess this all took place a month ago) but the pathetic nature of the LINK that I read led me to dig into this story a bit and to post the related lessons and takeaways from the story.

Sudeikis and Wilde were ‘engaged’ and have two children together and, according to a quick scan, dated for more than eight years. I didn’t look up the ages of the children but lets say they are 8 or less. At that age (or any age, really) the leaving spouse has some fucking explaining to do – and if they didn’t have any children I would not have bothered with a post.

To understand and learn anything from the Sudeikis/Wilde story, we’ll take a look at (1) the societal level implications and (2) what Sudeikis did wrong.

Societal Level: Women initiate ~75% of divorces in our collapsing American ‘society.’ But typically, the divorce curve tracks directly with a woman’s physical desirability (aka whether she has options or not). Older women file for divorce at a much lower rate than do women who have yet to hit the wall (or just hit the wall but still have some desirability).

Pre-wall or slightly post wall women account for most divorces.

What this boils down to is that women who have OPTIONS are responsible for most divorces. Interestingly, the male-initiated divorce rate does not rise with age (as corporate media would lead you to believe). The successful older male who leaves his wife for a younger, hotter woman is largely a media-driven creation (of course it happens, but statistically it is rare.)

Society has not stigmatized women’s behavior relating to divorce and hypergamy in any meaningful way. And there is plenty of literature demonstrating that women have no internal controls on their behavior; if external controls do not exist, degeneracy will fill that vacuum. The corporate media narrative would have you believe that these women are divorcing and leaving husbands and fathers because they are ‘bad’ people. Keep an eye out for the stereotypes pushed in the movies, media etc. You will see that is the case. Instead of calling women out for destructive behavior, the media glorifies and commercializes the worst instincts of women (take a quick survey of Only Fans, which I have written about before). Our women have become the propagandized version of our men – the CLIT is the new COCK – and our men have become woman-like (feminized).

The vagina is the new cock, according to Olivia Wilde.

Recall the embarrassing quote above, Sudeikis says he is ‘heartbroken,’ which one would expect from a jilted woman, not from a man. A man shouldn’t say anything at all in a circumstance like Sudeikis’. The end result of this media-driven cultural transvaluation will be the continued decline and eventual fall of the Globalist American Empire (GAE). The experiment we see every day in GAE goes against nature: women can no more play the man’s game than men can play the woman’s game. They can try it (like Wilde has), but they fall victim to a gnawing unhappiness that destroys the soul, EVERY TIME. That unhappiness is the creator of old feminist nags and wine-box cat-ladies; there are millions of those around. Go on Twitter yourself and see.

What Sudeikis Did Wrong. Sudeikis is a successful actor, and while he is notably atypical since he is famous and presumably wealthy (I don’t follow his movies enough to know how much $$), he is sort of an aw-shucks type comedic actor and certainly not much of a Chad. I’ll stop short of assigning numbers to Wilde and Sudeikis but she is clearly several points higher than him on any looks/SMV measurement, and she has held up well for a post-wall woman (she’s 36) with two kids.

Wilde is a dime, despite her age.

That’s all well and good – kudos to Sudeikis for hitting that. But he would have been better served to choose a younger, less-successful/ambitious bride-to-be once he learned of Wilde’s sexual history. The fact that she went on a ‘sex bender’ after her first marriage ended in divorce perhaps should not have prevented Sudeikis from dating her for a while and testing her suspension. Getting attached was the mistake, he should have ended it after a year or two at most and avoided this entirely predictable outcome.

Spot the beta.

Running the numbers, quickly, on Wilde… She was married once before, and had several public relationships. Add to that the ‘sex bender’ that she described and also factoring in assumed sex partners from 15-19 (when she was first married) and we’d have to assume that she has been fucked by at least 45 guys. You can’t live with that; nobody can live with that.

Wilde’s body count should have been a bright red flag for Sudeikis, who clearly HAD OPTIONS as a wealthy actor and could have chosen from thousands if not millions of young women to bear his children and get/stay married. He made a bad choice.

Someone close to him needs to explain things to him and prevent this type of thing from crossing his mind:

FFS, no.

The guy that Olivia Wilde left Sudeikis for (Harry Styles) has been linked to a bunch of women who are younger and hotter than Olivia Wilde. Thirteen other (mostly young) women are listed and shown HERE. Olivia Wilde could stack up with most of them in terms of looks and fertility fifteen years ago – I’m not saying she wasn’t hot. She has proven to be hot enough to delay the full effect of the wall by a surprising number of years. But her age is starting to show, slowly but surely. Harry Styles will ditch her in short order (leaving aside the fact that the guy looks and acts like a fa66ot, even wearing women’s clothes, I discovered he’s a very popular singer with $$$ – and that means he can keep ‘bagging bitches’ indefinitely after he’s done with Wilde). It doesn’t take a genius to know that this ‘relationship’ is destined to last months, not years.

The takeaways for ‘normal’ guys (who are not famous actors) are the usual ones:

  1. Don’t seriously pursue a woman who has ridden the cock carousel long and hard – a short term fling is fine if you need a release / distraction but DO NOT consider anything long-term;
  2. Don’t pursue overly ambitious career-women for child bearing. It is okay to have fun with them if they are attractive but look for someone who wants to be a mother and a wife if that’s your goal. Clearly Sudeikis wanted a wife and mother for his children and he failed by putting Olivia Wilde’s square peg in that round hole. It’s impossible to run dread game on a 9 with a booming career when you’re an average looking aw-shucks actor starring in shit like that stupid Millers movie. A woman who has been around the block and back like Wilde is going to move on from a guy like Sudeikis every time (unless he does it first).
  3. If you do make this mistake (I did to a certain extent on #2, marrying someone who I attended grad school with and had career prospects at least equal to mine), DON’T GROVEL after the marriage fails. FFS, saying he ‘hopes it works out’ is embarrassing and insane. Hope what works out? After Harry Styles bangs her for a while then what? I understand and recommend not PUBLICLY saying anything too honest / harsh about the mother of your children, but after Harry Styles runs through all her holes he should say nothing other than, “I am happy that I have my children, I love them. I will deal with you as much as I need to and no more. Obviously I made a mistake in trying to have a long-term relationship with an aging piece of road-rash pussy. Feel free to fuck off, I’ll be going with younger women from now on.”
  4. Look to date women that are less influenced by American media and American degeneracy. Remember, it was the American corporate media who drove the CLIT is the new COCK narrative (leveraging the useful idiot feminists and hippies for the communist inspired, anti-family ‘free love’ farce). For long-term possibilities, look to non-city girls (and definitely NO e-girls), as well as semi-rural native girls from countries in Northern or Eastern Europe (they are not immune to Americanized culture, but they are out there and they are available and looking for husbands who maximize themselves (fitness, hard work, masculinity.))
Me when an e-girl talks about marriage.

Okay, that’s it for now. Happy hunting.

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