the globalist chalabi

@the_WGD made this comparison (at the 30,000 foot level) on Twitter and I thought I would take a stab at fleshing it out a bit. Let me know what I missed or got wrong in the comments.

As discussed HERE, globalist propaganda rag Time Magazine has reported that the Globalist American Empire (GAE) installed Joe Biden as President of GAE using a combination of propaganda, manipulation and outright fraud. While they are taking their victory lap (which will be short lived), someone should remind the globalists about the Iraqi version of Joe Biden, Ahmed Chalabi.

GAE, primarily via the neocon subversives who infiltrated the Republican party sometime around the Reagan years, attacked and killed Saddam Hussein using false pretenses (WMD & Moustache Man Bad). Similarly, GAE used its propaganda outlets to brand Donald Trump as ‘fAsCiSt Orange HitlOr’ and deposed him using the methods admitted by Time Magazine, through a globalist cabal rather than a neocon one (which is really two sides of the same coin). Chalabi was installed into the Iraqi ‘parliament’ and dreamed of being the Prime Minister.

The whole thing didn’t take. Iraq is not suited for a GAE-style ‘democracy.’ They want and need a strong man. Saddam Hussein may or may not have been a bad fellow (whose code?), but he ruled with an Iron Fist that could be benevolent at times and that is what the people of Iraq wanted and needed to stay on the straight and narrow. After GAE overthrew Saddam, the country was shattered; the Iraqi people are ruined.

Saddam of the Iron Fist

In America, according at least to the propaganda/admission published by Time Magazine, Biden was installed to ‘protect’ America from Donald Trump’s populist and nationalist rhetoric. [It is besides the point, I guess, that Trump didn’t accomplish much by way of any meaningful nationalist measurements. He didn’t expel third world refugees, illegals, and Hart-Celler paper Americans. But, to give him credit, he started no new wars and (I believe) did what he could to decelerate and disengage from the pointless ‘wars’ and occupations that GAE has been entangled in for years.]

Biden is the American Chalabi. He is a senile clown playing woke figurehead of a vicious and decrepit regime who, before he was installed and elections still had a shred of integrity, ran and lost convincingly several times.

Now, he is ‘presiding over’ a fake GAE regime that would have already splintered but for the printing of dollars which still maintain value (he is printing another $1.9 Trillion soon).

No one wants globalism in this country. Hart-Celler was passed through outright fraud. Illegals were allowed in via subterfuge (politicians always pretended to want them out and campaigned on it. You can find videos of Bush, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama claiming they wanted illegals OUT OUT OUT). No one wants to live in a third world style hell-hole. No one voted for this, and after 55+ years of globalist subversion, the Core American People are tired of it and the edges are fraying toward a collapse of their entire system (watch the dollar, when that goes, GAE is finished.)

PREDICTION: Biden, like Chalabi, won’t take. The people will barf him and his fake GAE Presidency up as we look to make our own way in a REAL Nation (not a proposition) without globalism, corporate propaganda, censorship, surveillance, third world grievance industries, pedophilia tolerance (Epstein, Hastert, Lincoln Project and on and on), fake corporate media and the rest of the outright corruption and vile degeneracy embodied by GAE. Take that to the bank.

The fake president of GAE


  1. “Biden won’t stick” I hope you are right. What is happening in America is the greatest, out in the open, abusive, mind f#ck of all time. What, in the past, seemed a slow creep of some radically outrages concepts, behaviors, and demands has “unmasked” itself (so to speak). All the villains have rushed out of the cracks like gleeful chattering cockroaches. And ordinary Americans can’t pick their jaws up off the floor, realizing they’ve been completely duped for decades by some false idealistic belief that the government (especially the hard left) cares about us and has ‘We the People’s'” best interest at heart. But, right, at least Donald T. opened the eyes of many to the reality of the swamp. The swamp creatures aren’t even trying to hide any more, and carry out daily psyops assaults and other crimes without fear of consequence. All this evil is just pouring over us and I hope it doesn’t stick like tar. It feels like a hostage situation at the moment.

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    1. I don’t think Biden can stick. They are burning their biggest remaining asset (corporate media) to try to shove him and Kamala (LOL) down our throats and relying on tactics that have never worked (long term) in western countries to do it (censorship, plainly identifiable propaganda, etc.). DJT was far from perfect and often disappointed me by not following through on promises (campaign and while in office), but I will always love him for drawing the enemy all the way out into the open. The slow boil was the worst, and it was happening well before we were born! Name one thing (culturally) that is holding this country together… you can’t. There is tremendous hate here (especially the left for traditional America) and the ascendant left (embracing the Biden/Harris farce and corporate media fraud) thinks this is their moment to punish normal Americans for disagreeing with their insanity. They will overplay a non-existent hand and their stupid regime will implode in on itself. Remember, these people think men can ‘change into’ women. The thing to watch is the dollar. They keep printing $2T at a time and giving most of it to themselves (banks, mega corps and political/lobbyist kickbacks). The people printing money like that, no matter the country, always think (hope?) it can last forever (hubris) and it never does. When the dollar gets hit hard enough (inflation or hyper inflation and the ensuing flight to crypto or whatever), the Globalist American Regime falls – remember, they don’t do or make anything meaningful. Since there is no common culture and sense of trust left in this country the fact that everyone is still heavily dependent on the dollar to eat and live is the only reason GAE is still around. It’s going to get interesting soon.
      Sorry for wordy reply 😛

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      1. Well said. At the speed we are moving, things are bound to get worse very quickly – before they get better. I think these people are dystopian sci-fi fans, with piles of books filled sticky notes. What came first conspiracy theorists or government corruption…🙄😂

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