End stage of the globalist american regime?

With the globalist American regime printing and spending $2 Trillion every few months, rest assured that they are an unsustainable occupation force, a Dollar-Based Anarcho-Tyranny. Their third-world hellhole cities produce nothing of value (sorry, we don’t need anymore dick-pic apps) and cannot sustain or feed themselves on their own. These people stand for nothing and believe in nothing worthwhile. Name one uniting force in ‘our’ culture that the people living here will rally behind. See, you can’t.

The question is, how long will this hostile regime (which has been ramping up its propaganda arm to brand you and me as ‘domestic terrorists’) be able to retain their illegitimate reign?

When you see a wall go up around the Capitol building to ‘protect’ the regime from the people they are half-heartedly pretending to represent, not to mention men dressing up as women in the Bi-dan cabinet and Rainbow Flag bombers desperately searching for some hapless target to destroy – it wouldn’t be unreasonable to guess that the regime’s time is short. Personally, I don’t think they will survive the long-planned handoff from Joe Bi-dan to Kamal Harris, Willie Brown’s concubine. The people (even many dipshits on the left) are going to barf that one up and the regime will be replaced (most likely by the hard left as there is no organized hard right in America).

The only thing propping this ridiculous regime up at this point is their ability to print and control the dollar. People have started to notice that, and it won’t last.

Related: long day in the Bobcat clearing land to build another home for family. The best time to do this was a few years ago; the next best time is today – pouring the foundation in two weeks, will finish clearing tomorrow.


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