first fake women, now fake models

The Globalist American Regime’s demoralization and humiliation campaign continues apace. I posted here a few days back that the Biden administration appointed a man who dresses as a woman to a “health” position. The kicker is that they are demanding that you play along and pretend he’s a woman or they will punish you in various ways. There is no reason to do that. Just laugh off their hatred and stick to what you know is true. When this madness ends, you will be in a better mental and physical position than if you denied the truth and played along with their their stupid games.

Now, the Biden administration is using its power to defile the country’s senses further by implementing a ridiculous scheme to pretend Kamala Harris’ homely step-daughter is a legitimate model of any kind. They used their connections and the promise of political kick-backs to get her a ‘modeling contract’ with IMG, a top agency that I have competed with in the past. She’s not a real model, and you are under no obligation to humor them and. By the way, this is a good time to remind yourself to stop consuming globalist media (cancel cable, never buy their magazines and newspapers and limit clicks besides and products from global corporations (as much as you can, that’s all you can do).

This homely female would be hidden away in any decent society, and quickly burka’d in the Muslim world (with complete justification). You are under no obligation to participate in this psyop.


I’m not going to bother to find a picture that shows that this female doesn’t shave her armpits. You have already endured enough.

Another part of the psyop is to wait until you say something about the ugly female ‘model’ – then they flip it on you and say that you are “mean” and “hateful.”

Don’t take that bait. It’s not mean or hateful to point out that Kamala Harris’ homely step-daughter is not a model and never will be. Pretending she is something she is not and demanding everyone else humor the lie is actually hateful towards the step-daughter. It’s not going to work.

I’m cleansing this post with a couple pictures of REAL models.

Look, a beautiful model.
See, that wasn’t hard at all.

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