corrupt american regime arrests ‘ricky vaughn’ for satirical tweets from 2016

The Globalist American Establishment (GAE) has illegally and fraudulently arrested ‘Ricky Vaughn’ for satirical memes he posted to Twitter in 2016.

The communist-style show trials and bloodlust have surfaced quickly after the inauguration of this fraudulent, corrupt administration. Expect more of it. Stay strong, stay ready.

IMPORTANT: We must not let GAE bait us into doing something stupid. No Chimping! We remain non-violent and in a defensive posture even under constant attack and persecution by the globalist scum. Additionally, we must not let GAE SILENCE us. Continue your criticism of this cartoonishly evil regime, but stay measured when you do it. No fed-posting. This degenerate regime will fall – censorship, show trials, corruption, fraud, financial market chicanery, ‘trans’-sexualism, anarcho-tyranny, techno/medical state tyranny… WILL NOT STAND. Stay the course, my friends!

Please review these screenshots for more context and commentary:


A Chinese woman living in America tweeted the exact same satirical meme that they arrested ‘Ricky’ for. She went further, putting Trump gear on for her silly video (while leaving behind any tell-tale Chinese attire) to try to disguise herself as American for her lame version of the meme.

I have posted a screenshot of the Chinese woman’s tweet below, along with an embed of the original tweet (screenshot is a backup in case the tweet is deleted).

The Chinese interloper, needless to say, was not arrested by GAE for her ham-fisted, Chinese version of the same satirical meme. Reminder: A two-tiered ‘justice’ system never stands for long.

This Chinese woman posted the same satirical meme. Obviously, she didn’t commit a crime, either – but her presence in the US doing the same thing further exposes the illegitimate government regime.
Double standard for this interloper.

H/T to Darren Beattie who (as far as I know) coined the acronym GAE.

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