Personally, I disavow any association with the illegitimate Harris/Biden regime. I will not listen to it, interact with it, or lend any credence to it. I will not engage with any of their programming for as long as the vegetable and/or the cock-sucker are in power. I OPPOSE ALL VIOLENCE, but will peacefully and legally undermine this illegitimate government and push for a negotiated, peaceful separation from these people in every way possible. Given that I will pay as little attention as I can to these cheaters and weirdos, there won’t be much commentary on the Harris/Biden regime… as little as possible… but a buddy sent me a Signal link to a news item this morning, and it called for this post.

Harris/Biden has appointed a Jewish man masquerading as a woman to some ridiculous “health” position in their illegitimate regime structure.

I’ll go ahead and pass on whatever it is you are saying, dude. Have a great day.

It goes without saying that you should ignore any “health” “advice” from a walking, talking humiliation ritual. If you accidentally hear something he says about health, know well that your safest bet will be to do the opposite of what he says.

Random stream of commentary, unedited: If that creature is ‘American,’ I’m something else. I disavow any association with that and the regime promoting it. It is a strange historical fact that Weimar Germany also aggressively promoted trannies – but eventually the people had enough of that over there, too. Many people here have had enough – and I know I have as well. I do admit that the whole thing is pretty hilarious. It’s like an open prank that they demand you take seriously even though you know it’s a prank. I’ll pass on that… you can’t have any credibility when your entire existence is based on a lie. THAT’S A DUDE, obviously. Once they try to insist that it’s a woman, I’m out of the discussion. That’s it, over, done. No mas. They are trying to mock us with the selection but really they just mock themselves. There is no sense in being demoralized by these idiots parading around in an administrative American skin-suit, just disavow it. The country is dead. These people have no power except what you give them and they have no moral high ground. When they use their buzzwords to try to enforce their crazy alternative reality, ignore them. Or, at most, tell them “I don’t care about your woke buzzwords,” but make sure you mean it with all your heart. Truly not caring about woke opinions and woke buzzwords is a step toward freedom, strength and control over your own mental and physical environment. A step toward the natural hierarchy. I know I will never let them influence my thoughts, words and actions. They can go get fucked! We will overcome all of their censorship, fraud, abuse, persecution and, most of all, their anti-White hate.


Enjoy the ride as Clown World America is reaching levels thought impossible! HONK HONK!

UPDATE, related:

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