shapeshifting subversion or innocent activism?

I saw a vicious tweet from Rob Reiner today and it reminded me of a debate that has gone back and forth on social media for years. The same debate occurred, I believe, prior to social media as well, and I will search for literature on the subject and update this post in the coming days if I find anything good on topic.

Anyhow, I thought I would tell you about it.

White people active on social media have noticed and/or accused Jewish people, also acting on social media or in corporate media and entertainment, of framing aggressive attacks on White people to deceptively include themselves among the group they are attacking for greater effect. They claim the attacks are structured this way to obscure the fact that their assertion relies on an outright smear based solely on race and made by members of a different race. That, they say, is a deceptive subversion and blood libel. The accusers claim this is another rhetorical trick.

I wanted to post about it to flesh out a discussion on this issue and perhaps even figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth. Is this a thing that happens enough to constitute a pattern that needs to be addressed, or not? Let’s investigate.

The accusation: The formulation that gets mocked the most is when the post reads “My Fellow Whites” and subsequently includes a lecture that “talks past the sale” as to whether the premise is true in the first place. So, it would say something like “My fellow white people, we are so horrible and racist and oppressive and supreme… I can’t believe we treat all these people we invited into our country so terribly.” I exaggerated that for effect, but that’s the formula: My fellow whites + anti-White woke buzzwords containing an “admission” of guilt for all White People, spoken as a “fellow White”.

The Jewish Response (one example): The Jews have addressed these charges formally in The Forward. Sadly, they used buzzwords to attack the notion that this is a real phenomenon. I was more interested in WHETHER OR NOT THIS HAPPENS, HOW OFTEN IT HAPPENS, AND HOW DAMAGING IS IT TO WHITE PEOPLE LIVING IN AMERICA. They claim the accusation itself is “Anti-Semitic” and anyone making it is “Alt-Right” (whatever that means, I certainly don’t know anyone that is “Alt-Right” and I am not sure such a group exists). *I have heard that Ben Shapiro accused of being “Alt-Right” but he’s also Jewish – so I think the whole “Alt-Right” category is disinformation and/or a media hoax.*

More detail on the accusation: Back to the other end of the spectrum, the folks who claim they notice this phenomenon regularly raise extreme charges as to the Jewish behavior in question. They say that “Fellow Whites” statements are part of a systemic subversion meant to marginalize and ultimately destroy their host population, the ancestors of the very same people who founded and built America (at least prior to the noticeable decline of the last 55 years or so). They argue that this behavior is yet another rhetorical attempt to undermine and SHUT DOWN White people’s ability to participate in what they call “our democracy.” This is because corporate media will hound anyone guilty of Buzzword X, Y, or Z or have some other guilt by association until they are destroyed / persona non grata. Here is an example meme that I just found on an internet search that makes their point using an exaggeration of Jewish physiognomy to “show” a “Jew” giving instructions as to how to make this particular blood libel attack.

Why I thought of this topic: Okay, so back to the Rob Reiner tweet. Here it is, along with a comment from a poster who is not shy about his opinion that this is an example of “Jewish Subversion and Anti-White Blood Libel” in concrete form:

Is Reiner’s tweet an example of “My Fellow Whites… “we” are so horrible we should be jailed/killed” type rhetoric?

Clearly, Reiner makes an aggressive attack on the nature and character of White people. Everyone can agree on that based on the buzzwords he rattles off, the same ones the corporate media harps on 24/7. He names some of the most popular attack buzzwords that the corporate media and American globalist regime vilify day in and day out and then associates them with White people and declares all guilty of his claim.

That’s all well and good. Those buzzwords are used all the time to attack, censor and silence White people living in globalist America. For this investigation, I am interested in whether the use of “OUR original sin” makes this a concrete example of the “My Fellow Whites” pattern?

I will leave it to you to decide and would love to hear your thoughts in comments. Is this Jewish subversion or is that claim anti-Semitism?

UPDATE: If I have time in the next couple of days, I will search Twitter for other examples of this phenomenon. Let me know in the comments if you think this is a real technique used as a subversive tool or is it just an exaggeration caused by irrational “Anti-Semitism” that is unrelated to specific Jewish behavior (as The Forward suggests).

I’m interested in getting to the bottom of this, based on the data. Either this is a thing that happens enough to react to it or it is not. It’s A or B. It’s black and white. I think it would be interesting to find out the truth.


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