reject globalism

I reject everything “Anand Giridharadas” says (including his typical smear using ‘racism’ to describe anyone opposed to third world immigration / retaining Hart-Celler paper Americans) and declare my independence from whatever “country” he describes. His nasty buzzwords and globalist drivel have NO POWER over me. He tries to seem cheerful but you can see the hatred he has for White Americans, it’s written all over his face.

A NATION is made up of A PEOPLE, not an experiment in low IQ global consumerism and pathologized empathy.

** The funniest part is when he casually notes, “Oh, we won’t be giving up our own homeland, of course. We want to keep our land. We are just here to attack the few Americans with enough common sense to notice they shouldn’t have to give up theirs.”

No thanks, bud. You have to go back.

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