get ready, get right

The mask is coming off of the illegitimate American globalist regime in real time. We are living under a government that is built on lies and maintains its power through propaganda (combined with censorship) and brute force brought down to destroy nationalist opposition and peaceful dissidents.

Everyone knows Joe Biden didn’t get 84 million votes. No chance.

Everyone needs to:

  1. Stay close to family. This is obviously fundamental but reminders never hurt. If you don’t have much family or you don’t live near them, keep your best friend or two close. You will need them. They will need you.
  2. Make sure you have secure communications. Signal seems to be the best for now, but also have anonymous email (use ProtonMail), VPN, burner phones bought with cash, burner PCs. Those are basic measures and I will not cover the more in depth anonymity and security measures you should take here, but you can find good sources for this on the web. The surveillance state has been very real for some time now but it will intensify under illegitimate usurper Kamala Harris (she will almost certainly be in by Labor Day).
  3. Remain or get physically fit. Train hard! This helps with your daily routine, keeping good energy and being being in good health when the occupational, illegitimate regime is rebuffed and expelled.
  4. Stop consuming GloboCap products and services. I realize habits are hard to break and it’s difficult to break ties with the mega corps completely. Everyone just needs to DO THE BEST YOU CAN on this, nothing more. Cancel cable, get an off-brand phone plan, go to a local grocery store and local restaurants (not chains), buy what you can second hand and generally stop worshipping products. You can do it. You don’t need most of that shit.
  5. Make sure you have access to alternate power if you live outside the city.
  6. Check your Six. Obviously, not everyone can remove themselves from the worst American “multi-cultural” urban hell-scapes but everyone should do what they can. If you are White, the corporate media and ‘your’ politicians have placed a target on your back via constant media and entertainment propaganda messaging against you.
  7. Take stock of your weaponry. Make sure you can defend yourself. I don’t post much about weapons here. Even posting informational videos or articles about proper self-defense will potentially cause you to be a target for the Kamal Harris portion of the Biden regime (again, that’s coming soon). There are many great sources (still) on the internet that recommend and evaluate your options on this front. FIND THEM. Hopefully you have worked on this for years, but it’s never too late to start. Do not let Kamal Harris and her goons disarm you, do not let her shock troops (antifa, BLM and soon, American ‘law enforcement’ and potentially military) punch, stab or shoot you. You saw what they did to Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed protester shot in the neck in cold blood. Keeping a low profile and using secure communications will also help to avoid regime shock troops. I haven’t started making videos myself yet (I may), but I will make a point to link some good content here.
  8. Don’t get caught up in the Corona web. They have created a destructive web of surveillance, dependence and administrative red tape relating to the “Corona” virus. The goal is to trap you in an endless maze of restrictions, rules, fines, reporting, etc. They want to make all businesses illegal except for the global mega corporations. Swimming against this tide is going to be difficult for a while, as hundreds of thousands of people have discovered while the government crushed their businesses in 2020. Obviously there is no generalized advice for this (for those of you who don’t work for a GloboCorp) but BE SMART. Consider a hiatus unless you have cover from your counterparts (example, the Italian restaurants coming together to reopen after a year of government shutdowns). Obviously, avoid the big pharma mystery shot, that shit is poison.
  9. Read old books by great authors. Read Havel. Read Solzhenitsyn. Read Ludocivi. Read Mishima. I used to recommend many books on Twitter but, alas, that is not an option for me at this time and I lost those posts to globalist censorship. I’ll try to do more of that on here.
Julius Evola, Orientations.
  • 10. Get ready for what’s next. “Democracy” is a complete failure. The ridiculous American system of letting any random idiot ‘vote’ in these goofy elections has totally failed. The system is toxic, broken, corrupt, illegitimate and they are at the point where their rule no longer relies on even the usual phony, manufactured consent. It is pure force at this point backed by trillions of dollars printed under the cover of darkness. This regime will not stand the test of time, it is all out in plain sight now. Stay mentally strong. WE NEED YOU.

The globalists are going all in. They don’t have the horses to pull their scheme off. Their system will fall as soon as we reject it. Their foot-soldiers are fat, dumb and sloppy. Their ‘intellectuals’ are miles wide and an inch deep; all they have is their buzzwords and their censorship. Still, there is a lot of confusion in the air because of the Corona story, their progress on what they call “Build Back Better” (others call it “the Great Reset”), and the general disinformation and propaganda that floods the mockingbird corporate media zone of influence day in and day out. In this environment, it is easy to get demoralized.


Their globalist “multi-cultural” strip mall plan is not tenable. It cannot work and it will never hold. We do not know if it their power grab will last for a short time or many years. No matter, WE WILL WIN. But there is going to be a frenzy of activity on their side, right now, to try to harm and punish their enemies. If you are White and you have not submitted yourself to their stupid woke liberal buzzword-based framework (‘racism,’ ‘sexism,’ ‘transphobia,’ gay propaganda, endless discussions of slavery and the holocaust, abortion, third world fetishization, etc.) then make no mistake YOU ARE A TARGET of the regime and they are your mortal enemy.


Weird that we don’t have to imagine this.
The anti-White propaganda will intensify as the mask comes off during this phase of the occupation.
Hang in there. We will expel the globalists and overturn their absurd experiment.

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