my thoughts on the belle delphine rape video

Historically, women’s nature has been RESTRAINED by men. As many of the feminists have pointed out over at least the last 100 years, women were dependent upon men for food, protection, labor, housing and all the rest of it. With the ascent of the globalist medical-police state, especially over the past 55 years, this age-old reliance is essentially gone. The laws and the police on the state payroll can offer them protection, and even the most homely ones can get a cubicle make-work job to pay for their own food, purchase labor, etc. Of course, the upkeep on modern apartment housing is minimal, so the labor portion comes into play less than you might think. Great writers of the past have, rightly or wrongly, accused women of pedantry, superficiality and indiscretion (and all the rest) but their natural characteristics (whether they are these things or not) were held in check by the ‘patriarchy’ (don’t take it from me, this is feminist canon).

With the independence brought about by office jobs and the well-funded state police apparatus, these restraints have gone away, possibly for good. Know well, at the same time as the independence discussed above was foisted (?) on women, possibly for nefarious purpose, the globalist medical-police state has attacked the core of masculinity; many males (those who didn’t see it coming or didn’t have good parents) were assaulted with soy, psychotropic drugs and of course the constant lügenpresse-led assaults on the fake phenomenon they call “toxic masculinity.” The media attacks on males (whether in the corporate press or the entertainment industry) are endless, they happen every day – a drip, drip, drip aimed at encouraging weakness and attempting to ‘feminize’ or ‘sensitize’ the more robust, natural male.

As these things took hold in GloboCap American culture, many women lost or abandoned one of their fundamental natural characteristics: their wisdom and expertise in the wonderful, natural art of BEING CHARMING. The natural woman is playful, unfrightened, easy-going; when these characteristics are pulled away from her by outside forces, much of her natural beauty is lost and she is at risk of becoming neurotic, scheming and obsessive. Think of the stereotypical box-wine cat-lady.

Coquettishness, romantic deception, and playful attention, plus the natural inclination to take care regarding her appearance and beauty are thought to matter less (thanks to her corporate independence, abundant processed food which may ‘taste good’ but makes her obese, and ability to demand protection from harm (robbers, muggers, whatever) from the state), the males, at least the remaining ones who have not been destroyed by the anti-masculine forces discussed above, lose the honor and love that they had for the natural woman, for the natural woman herself has gone missing and is not there to love.

In this degraded context, enter Belle Delphine. She is a 21 year old e-girl and pornographic actress, South African in nationality and ethnically British.

e-girl Belle Delphine

She ‘dresses younger’ than 21, as you can easily see. She has a significant number of simps who subscribe to her Only Fans hard and soft core pornography feed. I haven’t done the math, but it is common knowledge that she makes a lot of money from her porn and her other online activities. I am fairly certain its well into the millions, annually. Anyone can look up her numbers and do some basic math to get an understanding of this fact. For my purposes, it doesn’t matter what the exact number is, only that it is a lot.

She recently posted a new video, where she is tied up and brought into the woods by a ‘kidnapper’ and then fucked hard from behind while leaning against a tree and possibly in other positions, I don’t know. I have not watched the video but the screen shots prevalent on the internet today tell us enough.

Tied up.
Bound, kidnapped and then ravished from behind against a tree.

The Twitter mob set out to have the little cash-cow minx banned because they “didn’t like” this particular type of pornography:

The biggest takeaway from this phenomenon is not a moral/censorship related one about the merits of this particular type of porn released by Belle Delphine. Of course consumer pornography has no place in a decent, strong society. It was banned, here, for a long time (search ‘Al Goldstein‘ on your Brave browser to see the type of sick freak that ruined our decency laws). Pornography typically victimizes the people in the films and also the people who trap themselves by consuming it. The former type of victimization is actually lessened in this case because Belle Delphine gets fucked in the video by her boyfriend (who presumably fucks her off camera as well, so the video is more exhibitionism than pure degradation where she is getting paid to get fucked by someone she doesn’t know/date) and she owns and monetizes her own content (no middlemen / merchants aside from government taxes and the Only Fans platform % cut). The simps who subscribe are victims, but they are victimized by none other than themselves.

That is not the topic for this post. This is:

In the degraded society brought on by the forces fleshed out above, Belle Delphine can do ANYTHING she wants. She generated tremendous income for herself before she ever pulled this particular ‘rape in the woods fantasy’ stunt. Anything she does makes money for her. She can buy anything, hire anyone, live anywhere she wants, etc. & She chooses to get ‘kidnapped’ and ‘raped’ in the woods, on camera. Perhaps her feminine instinct kicked in when she chose to publicly simulate her own domination and ravishing in the woods as she bent over to give pleasure ‘against her will’ to a strong, masculine man (giving him the benefit of the doubt based on screenshots). Maybe this is just ‘what she wants’ – and… don’t we have to respect that under the rules of female independence and empowerment?

There’s a lesson in all of this and I’ll leave it to you to figure it out.

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