angry woman publishes hate-filled screed against matthew mcconaughey

I don’t watch cable television. I don’t watch Netflix. I don’t click on leftist blogs like the Daily Beast. It is better to separate from their toxic sphere rather than to wade in it, up to your neck, and complain about it.

Today, however, a friend sent a link to an angry screed published by an activist writing opinion for an angry leftist audience. I wasted five minutes skimming it and will spend another few minutes to give you the counter-frame here. You can read the trash here if you must: LINK.

I don’t have much of a dog in the fight, and I certainly don’t need to White Knight for the rich and handsome actor the woman attacks. I have watched a handful of Matthew McConaughey movies and he is a very skilled actor (it’s not easy, I’ve done it) who has created some valuable works of entertainment. In fact, I think True Detective season 1 was spectacular. But I haven’t read his book and am not planning on it. He’s just a charismatic guy that can go through life living as he pleases as far as I’m concerned. The screed progresses, the woman hates Jordan Peterson and goes on and on about him (ostensibly because McConaughey thanked him on the book cover and went on his podcast). I am not familiar with Peterson’s writing and don’t listen to his podcasts or videos (or whatever Peterson does) but would certainly respect his right to not play along with a man who wants to dress up as a woman (one of the gripes the female author makes over and over). A man is not a “she” and there is no force that can rightfully compel Peterson to pretend it is. She gripes about Joe Rogan, something about having bad people on his show. Whatever.

The woman slipped in all the scare quotes and insinuations that one would expect from her ilk. Nothing that I skimmed across was surprising. She even insisted that there was not a shred of evidence for the massive voter fraud that we all watched unfold for a year – from the mail-in scheme because of “Corona” all the way through to the suitcase ballot dumps at 3 AM after a handful of controlled urban political machines “stopped counting” the vote.

The best approach is simply not to engage with this type of person. There is no upside in it.

Further, the screed and everything written by this toxic woman can be explained by one thing:

Author of Matthew McConaughey hit piece, overweight, homely activist Laura Bradley.

The activist’s sexual market value is a flat zero. Her hatred of Matthew McConaughey and everyone else that she attacks stems from that simple, core fact. Her physiognomy colors everything that she writes and all that she does. There is no reason to engage with her on any intellectual level. Countering her with facts will only lead her to try to get you censored via the state-sanctioned tech monopolists. Let her flounder and blog all she wants about McConaughey, ‘the alt-right’ and Peterson, Shapiro, Rogan, Milo (lol), etc. etc. etc. plus whatever other bogeyman she conjures up between snacks and sips of box wine.

This woman has no power over you unless you give it to her. She cannot compel you to do anything. She cannot force you to think anything. And, if you do not give her that power over you even a hit piece aimed at you and fed into the A/D/L and S/P/L/C hate machine on her crappy blog cannot harm you.

You cannot be made to care.

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