american globalist regime deploys its ultimate weapon

After pulling off an insane amount of 3l3ction fr@ud via ballot dumps, stopped counting and fake water pipe bursts, the American globalist regime has faced some opposition from tens of millions of people who feel cheated.

They have responded with a tremendous wave of state sanctioned censorship, performed by the government-adjacent monopolies such as Twitter, Facebook and Google/YouTube.

Even after the waves of state censorship, the people still felt cheated and some of them trespassed in the Capitol building to take selfies and other silly forms of revelry and protest. Most likely, they expected that the same government which condoned mass riots, arson, murder and looting performed by communist-antifa and b-l-m thugs over the entirety of 2020 would take no action against them.

They were wrong.

The American globalist regime is taking action. They are attacking, arresting, censoring and deplatforming anyone associated with the nationalist movement that was represented, at least in theory, by Donald Trump.

I am getting word that the globalist Regime has raised the security reading to an alarming DEFCON 7 – a level never reached before and previously thought impossible.

And their response has been impressive. For the first time, they have deployed the Orb of Death:

If all defenses are breached and the American globalist regime is overrun, the Orb of Death is the last line of defense; when she is activated every rebel or protester in her path is smashed to pieces and killed instantly.

Absolute Unit.

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