glorious african nation of uganda stands up to american globalist regime

The U.S. government-adjacent tech monopolies (Twitter & Facebook in this case) recently tried to bully the nation of Uganda using the same heavy-handed techniques that are being deployed against hundreds of thousands of American citizens, including President Donald J. Trump following the election fraud of November 2020.

The great nation of Uganda showed the weakness of the tech censors by publicly shaming the tech bugmen and disallowing their censorship and globalist tactics through a show of African-style STRENGTH.

The Tech Censors are a Paper Tiger.
Uganda turns the tables on American Globalist Tech Censors.

Uganda is a private country and they have every right to set the terms and conditions that allow the American globalist tech companies to operate there.

A show of strength shut down the American Globalist censors very quickly.

The GloboCap American hegemon tried to silence the Ugandan ruling party and usher in their political downfall. With almost child-like simplicity, the Ugandan regime clearly understood the stakes. “We are not banned. YOU ARE BANNED,” they replied. Contrast that with the weak American response to state-sponsored censorship (whining about it for years and years).

STRENGTH and use of POWER will bring down the techno-medical global tyranny that the United States is ushering in all around the world. And while the power of the tech oligarchs is miles and miles wide, it is an inch deep. They can easily be conquered and their assets seized.

Twitter and Facebook have offices. They have servers and networks. They have employees. Those employees have names and addresses.

Twitter and Facebook censorship is rebuked with POWER.
Many people are saying they will take action to prevent government-sanctioned monopolies from dominating the public square while censoring legal speech. The tech reign of terror will be short.

Repressive censorship will not be allowed for long. Live it up while you can, American Globalists.


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