a different kind of romance

I enjoy writing much more than I do promoting my writing but please allow me the indulgence for this short post. I am trying to force myself to give updates about my novels at least once a month.

My 2019 novel Receptivity (You can buy a copy HERE or HERE & if you are struggling with finances because of the Corona story you can use the contact form on this website and I will mail you a copy) has been gaining momentum by word of mouth. At the time I was writing it I had no “social” media accounts and wasn’t posting to this blog or anywhere. I declined offers from several NY publishing houses because (1) I wanted to retain 100% movie rights for the future and (2) I didn’t want any worthless (or harmful) input from a third party editor.

That’s all well and good but it meant for slow going as to getting the book out to the public. I didn’t really care because I was already writing a satirical novella called Capstone. Additionally, I write books, not e-books, so I declined to put it on kindle (etc.) and haven’t recorded the audio book yet. For all of those reasons, the book was only being read by a handful of people here and there.

Now, that is changing as people are reading Receptivity and telling others about it:

I don’t comment on the content of my novels much (people can just read them, they don’t need me for that) but I will say that Receptivity is a story about sexual politics set in the near future and containing an unconventional yet classical romance. It was really fun to write.

If you check it out I hope you enjoy it.

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