communist-style censorship takes full hold of ‘the land of the free’

Anyone who is surprised by the current frenzy of leftist censorship (and the victory lap they are taking in conjunction with their crackdown on legal speech) has not been paying attention. This may be the end-game phase, but the communist antifa-adjacent corporations have been at this game for years.

They confiscated Andrew Anglin’s old domain and disallowed him from all corporate web services because he made fun of the fat communist-antifa woman who was run over in Charlottesville while agitating for left wing violence.

They ran Alex Jones off of the corporate sites because he insulted the families on the receiving end of the Sandy Hook shooting.

They banned homosexual libertarian (?) grifter Milo Yiannopolous for making fun of the fat black from the failed all-female Ghostbusters atrocity.

Importantly, over a period of years, they banned tens of thousands – maybe millions – of frog-Twitter accounts – people who had no recourse other than to make a new account and inevitably get banned again. Many of those accounts went from thousands of followers down to very few before they gave up on respawning. These people were banned primarily for making fun of (and winning arguments against) hate filled antifa-adjacent blue check activists on Twitter.

She gets it. The maul right started getting censored and banned on the internet ~ 2015. “Conservatives” (who can’t even conserve girls’ bathrooms) came later.

And the list goes on and on. This has been going on for years, it is nothing new. Much of the population cheers on the censors.

Further, the Patriot Act did away with the 4th Amendment and has never faced a real challenge in 20 years.

In banning Donald Trump for his role in the ‘riots’ – which were in fact demonstrations by unarmed people and certainly no worse than the Kavanaugh demonstrations performed by left-wing wine-box catladies in 2019 – we are seeing a culmination of the communist-style censorship and nothing remotely close to a launch.

After he complained about massive ballot dumps in GA, PA, WI, MI and elsewhere (including some recorded on video), the degenerates from Twitter and other tech-media corporations that hold monopolies (granted by the American Regime) banned the President from their publishing houses.

They circumvented the 1st Amendment by OUTSOURCING the public square to several monopolies (FB, Twitter, YT) and then claiming that, since they were ‘private corporations’ they could censor anyone they want from the public square with impunity.

Routing censorship through private corporations is a nifty trick, but those corporations are run in partnership with the American regime.

This calls into question the entire legitimacy of the American globalist regime, as I pointed out HERE.

Communist-style censorship will always accelerate, it never goes away on its own.

But TAKE HEART – go through life with a JOYFUL WISDOM: Censorship never holds, it is not a permanent condition. It is a leftist frenzy that backfires EVERY TIME.

We have to go through this to come out the other side and cleanse the country with fire.

In this particular case (Twitter), the Hindustan Times is reporting that a heavy-set foreign female is responsible for censoring the president.

The woman who “spearheaded” Trump’s censorship by Twitter, Inc. is a foreigner without any capacity to understand the concept of free speech.

The only way to combat a corrupt regime partnering with private corporations to censor speech and attack the populace is through physical STRENGTH and ACTION. There is no use arguing with left-wing zealots. Besides, you’re already censored.

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