illegitimate regime murders ashli babbit

Americans gathered in Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021 to protest the massive election fraud seen in the November Presidential election in which Joe Biden “received” more votes than any American Presidential candidate in the history of the country.

The regime, which did not lift a finger all year to stop rioting and looting by blacks and communist-antifa, shot Ashli Babbit – a military vet who was unarmed – and killed her.

The corporate media covered the murder up as much as they could and tried to blame the victim. They failed to report that the capitol was occupied as recently as 2019 (during the Kavanaugh hearings), when none of the occupiers were shot by the regime.

Uniparty Vice President Mike Pence celebrated the regimes efforts to “protect” the career politicians from unarmed citizens angered by the obvious corruption of this regime. It is worth noting that no one was shot by this regime in the black / communist-antifa rioting and looting that took place for much of the year.

During the time that the peaceful protesters occupied the capitol building, the regime’s career politicians cowered in terror, apparently afraid that they would be held to account for their corruption.

Eventually, the building was cleared out. Corporate media is simultaneously trying to scrub video of the peaceful protests from the internet while falsely characterizing the citizens involved as “bad actors.” Regime mouthpieces used the opportunity to attack, of course, “White people” and some of them were met with pushback online.

Marc Lamont Hill was apoplectic after receiving this reply to one of his constant attacks.

Cuckservatives used the occupation of the capitol as an excuse to go along with the election fraud. Trump, and many of his supporters, were censored (as usual) on social media by the leftist operators of the major sites.

Any excuse to surrender works for the GOP.

The weakness of this regime continues to be exposed; may it fall, and soon. And may the entire apparatus burn in hell for murdering Ashli Babbit, a decent American. God bless her soul.

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