the american monopoly economy

What has the fiat dollar printing windfall meant to the American economy? More monopolies.

This pre-existing condition (make no mistake, this has been going on for many years) has intensified in 2020.

When a regime funnels unlimited money to banks, this is the only outcome. This is apparent from history, as any review of the 19th century steel and copper trusts will show. The banks lend the printed money (created under, essentially, the cover of darkness) to companies so that they may create monopolies in the markets which can control the prices and extract unnatural profits. The monopolies are positioned to extract economic rent over and above the actual cost of production of goods and normal marketplace profits.

In this present day scenario, the impenetrable trusts can command monopoly rent over and above the normal rate of profit. There is essentially no limit to their pricing power. Banks said: well, look, we can work with companies to let a few companies like, Carnegie takeover the steel industry. Amazon, Google, Facebook and YouTube, to name a few, are functional monopolies.

Positioned as such through their partnership with the American governmental regime, these monopolies setting the price without the hindrance of any anti-monopoly legislation such as you had under the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890. Teddy Roosevelt was the last American politician to take meaningful action against monopolies.

The large companies are the only ones who can get access to the printed fiat dollars from the United States government regime (laundered through the big banks). Therefore, you see their stock prices going up and up and up.

There is no meaningful association between price and cost of production. And of course, in the case of physical goods sold by Nike or at WalMart or via Amazon (to name a few examples), the cost of production is minimized by the use of the equivalent of slave labor (via China or Vietnam or wherever). & the price they sell at is whatever the market will bear. There is no longer that reference to the cost of production, which, to repeat, is minimized through global labor arbitrage. In a true capitalist economy (as per Adam Smith or whoever), you would see profit as a rate of return on the cost of production and the capital investment. This has all been eliminated due to the partnership between the American government regime and the international mega corporations. The American government regime launders fiat money to the mega corps via “Quantitative Easing” and other financial chicanery and passes or enforces laws that benefit only the mega corporations, and the mega corporations kick back fiat dollars to the American government regime career politicians via lobbying contributions and corporate sinecures, friendly contracts, etc. Meanwhile, the American peasant has prices being dictated by a financially organized monopolization of the economy.

This process pre-dated the Corona-virus scam and there is no end in sight given the lock that the corporations have on the American government regime.

A reminder: it is possible to LOVE YOUR COUNTRY while hating its illegitimate and corrupt government regime. The mega corporations should be dismantled and their assets seized; the executives from the corporations who make the most harmful products should stand capital trial.

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