simp shaming

The Only Fans Pandemic will not be solved by those benefitting financially from the filth, or by other women. It will be excused away with misdirection. Example:

As far as her pay and the general issue of people, aside from the chubby medic (4/10) in the example above, not being able to make enough money to get by – in order to have a serious conversation about that, you’d have to be willing to talk about third-world immigration, and the general plague of globalism. That obviously isn’t a conversation that communist-antifa types (like AOC) are interested in having.

The key to stopping this rot is to shame the simps who pay money and otherwise consume this filth. If you know any soy-males who pay for Only Fans or consume similar material. You can start with a conversation. If that doesn’t work, move on to bullying and shaming the simp until they change their behavior. It has to be done.

If you know a bugman who subscribes to Only Fans / porn, make them stop.

UPDATE: Like clockwork, the J-tech media is trying to suppress the powerful simp shaming movement in order to keep European-based countries in a death spiral. Don’t listen to them. Find a way to shame these people until they stop giving money to e-girls.

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