the reckoning?

The people responsible for all components of the C0r0na-virus h0ax have primary control of mass corporate media.

They need to face a permanent, physical reckoning – a Nuremberg of sorts – for what they have done to perpetrate this ridiculous scam.

Wresting control of the corporate media away from them, by force, seems to be a pre-requisite to holding them responsible for their actions. As long as they have control of the media, they can change the subject. A good example is early on in the C0r0na h0ax, to get the narrative started, the corporate media reported that Chinese were “dropping dead” in the street from C0r0na-virus. Then, when it became obvious that Chinese didn’t drop dead in the street from the C0r0na – it was a total lie – the corporate media changed the subject and flooded the zone with other misinformation. They just pretended that they didn’t publish the fake news about the Chinese “dropping dead.”

Every executive and significant owner of the mass media corporations should face capital charges for this absurd h0ax, which seems like it will culminate (?) in an obscene big ph@rma mystery / poison shot. You would have to be stupid to shoot this crap into your body, but here we are.

Who has the strength and wisdom to do this? Who can marshall the forces of justice and seize their assets and banish the perpetrators from the country and the civilized world?

And when?

Remember the photos and videos of people “dropping dead” in China from the ‘Rona virvs?

UPDATE: The cens0rs at w0rdpr@ss have decided that in this here “Land of the Free” I am not allowed to “assign the provided terms” (which means write about the C0r0n@ hoax and the related media lies. I’m trying to change some of the spellings to see if I can get through the censorship. Fvck w0rdp@SS to h*ll.

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