there’s a club and you aren’t in it

For four years, many of Donald Trump’s credulous supporters believed Hillary Clinton would be “locked up.” She wasn’t, and she was never in jeopardy.

This was never going to happen.

Now, Supporters of the Biden / Clinton / Bush / Obama machine are calling for Trump to be “locked up.” It won’t happen.

This won’t happen.

American politics has captivated its low IQ, corporate media-addicted populace with this stupid version of Sports Ball. These absolute idiots yell back and forth at each other, claiming their ‘team’ is going to beat the other team by throwing their political leaders in jail. None of it ever happens but the audience stays tuned, day after day.

Meanwhile, the real game is being played by the oligarchs. The people don’t even have a view of the field. Unaccountable international bankers print fiat money for themselves (many Americans know nothing at all about the financial system that enslaves them) and gobble up all of the world’s asset and wealth. Really, they own it all. One level up from the Zuckerbergs and Bezoses of the world, the rapacious looting of assets and wealth takes place entirely outside of public view. The international bankers that benefit from monetary policy (via their control of it) and operate the money printer at their sole discretion would be laughing all the way to the bank if they weren’t already inside the bank.

Americans and American citizens are busy rooting for their silly little political team to gain a ‘victory’ over the other side.

He’ll try again tomorrow.

These fools don’t realize that the things they think are victories are not. Their little victories are meaningless theatre; the system benefits those who it is designed to benefit (the people who control the levers of international finance and their corollary, the mega corporations).

So put on your face diaper and hope that the oligarchs keep dishing out the crumbs to the peasants. They don’t really have to: once they have consolidated everything there is to consolidate they don’t need the bugmen and the consumer-tards anymore. Why would they? Maybe they’ll depopulate you clowns with, I don’t know, a Big Pharma mystery shot that alters your DNA.

There’s a club, you absolute buffoons… and you aren’t in it.

“Go fuck yourself, we work for the bankers and the mega corps.”

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