second american republic

The election fiasco of 2020 has shined a bright light on the need to end of the American era of ‘flat’ democracy.

The dysfunction and abject corruption (further) exposed by these ridiculous election shenanigans has nothing to do with Donald Trump or Joe Biden. In fact, the only thing both sides agree on is that the process is a corrupt sham.

Trump supporters claim Biden’s corrupt machine stuffed ballots, cheated with software algorithms, harvested ‘mail-in’ votes, etc. For the record, I believe they did cheat – they paused the vote-counting and dumped massive amounts of fraudulent ‘votes’ into the system – but that is not the topic of this article.

Biden supporters say Trump is attempting to ‘steal the election’ by claiming that Biden’s leftist machine committed fraud.

Shitlib talking points

While anything is preferable to an open globalist (Biden), if this broken system is allowed to persevere into the future the country will be brought to the brink in 2024, 2028 or whenever. Another open globalist is sure to get in if the system is allowed to persevere. Why kick the can down the road instead of getting rid of the current system of rule by a degraded, illiterate mob?

The globalists and degenerate-crats must be expelled now. We must replace the flat democracy with a system that allows for the implementation of a decent government run by our best people and not influenced by career politicians and debased media automatons.

The rot in the current system has everything to do with the decline in quality of the populace as evidenced by the low-capacity, addicted, illiterate ‘voters’ controlled by a corrupt political and bureaucratic class and a degenerate, lying corporate media.

We have no obligation to be ruled by people leveraging complete idiots and human shells for political power and the corresponding ability to extract the remaining wealth from this country.

We have no obligation to endure further subjugation at the hands of international mega-corporations and the oligarchs who control them.

We have no obligation to house entire enclaves of foreigners – or ‘paper Americans’ – who have no intrinsic value and an utter lack of understanding of our incontrovertible rights, including Freedom of Speech, Liberty and the God-given right to defend one’s self and one’s family.

He’s not American and he never can be. We reject him.

We have no obligation to humor the constant barrage of globalist propaganda that flies in the face of nature and truth.

Globalists also did this type of thing in Weimar until their behavior was corrected.

However this phony election is ultimately decided in the coming weeks, it is time for a full restart. We don’t have to live with these people. We don’t have to accept the results of sham elections. We owe nothing to our corrupt political class other than the business end of a rope. We don’t have to tolerate this onarchy for another minute. Our ancestors wouldn’t.

An illegitimate government must be removed.

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