throat punch nationalism

The attempted leftist fraud in the 2020 election has brought this country to a crossroads. Yet this essay is not about election fraud. Plenty is written on that topic elsewhere. The attempted fraud has served to highlight the pre-existing chasm in this land. Ten years into the Great Awokening, things are stagnant. The woke vermin have not relented a bit. They screech on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else, flooding the zone with woke filth and scurrilous attacks on decent people. The normal folks soldier on, through this misfortune and decline, trying to co-exist with this scourge of toxic woke insanity. But we face a difficulty: woke lunatics will never retreat. They will never surrender. They will never stop unless forced to do so.

Peaceful co-existence with the woke movement is not possible. They will harass you, ban and censor you, smear you, and communist-antifa scum will attack you physically (when they have numerical advantage or if you are unsuspecting). They want you dead; they want your children drugged, poisoned with soy and raped.

It was a moving experience for me, and probably also for my readers, to fight in the meme wars of 2016. Leaving aside the ensuing debate about the performance of the Trump administration (and the subversive influence of Jar-Vanka and others), we had someone, Donald J. Trump, speaking to us as a nationalist. We had someone, finally, saying they would put America and Americans first. And we raised our hands and answered the call, defeating the corrupt face of corporate leftism as embodied by a corrupt and evil cunt. We paved the way for a rebirth of nationalism! We have been weakened, dramatically so, over the last 55 years and more. But somewhere in here, outside of the strip malls and the interchangeable wage-slave consumers, is a nation. A nation built and maintained by a people. A nation that must summon the strength to survive and overcome decay, degradation, decadence and yes, even the Great Awokening.

Millions of you read my blog and have made my books into an underground best-selling phenomenon (without the help of corporate media promotions and reviews). I want to write frankly to you. Directly. Heart to heart. True Americans are fully armed against weakness and uncertainty. The decline we have been forced to endure will only serve to give us additional strength. Forces out of our control have worked tirelessly to turn our homeland – a once-great nation – into a disgusting mega-corporate shit-hole filled with unfortunate, parasitic, low quality people from every Godforsaken corner of the earth.

Now is not the time to revisit how it all happened. We already know about the subversion, the corruption, the infiltration and the long leftist march through our institutions. You can read of those things elsewhere. These events are well-documented in the uncensored corners of the internet and in the forbidden books. We endured. We tried to co-exist. We didn’t lash out at the globalist infiltration with violence. This suffering was miserable – but we did not endure it in vain. We had to go through this phase, this attack, to experience a rebirth of our vigor and vitality and to learn that we needed to fight to take back what is rightfully ours.

The goal of the woke left is and always has been world revolution. To name one example, the Judeo-communist Lev Davidovich Bronstein (better known as “Leon Trotsky”) wrote in Permanent Revolution that the maintenance of a permanent underclass was a requirement to further the destructive communist agenda. They have employed a strategy of bringing degenerate chaos to the world using any scheme they can think of (third world immigration, climate change, the ‘Rona scam, pornography, low quality food infused with sugar and soy, dishonest media, censorship, attacks on the family, destruction of beauty, anti-male and anti-white corporate media propaganda). Their plan, which is clear, is to use the resulting confusion and malaise to establish their international communist agenda (in a revised consumer-capitalist form) to install a leftist tyranny and enslave a weakened and distracted populace.

As they always have, wherever they have been allowed to fester, international leftism has plunged nations into violence and despair while working tirelessly and cynically to destroy valuable cultures that it played no role in building and, indeed, could never build.

And this is where Throat Punch Nationalism comes in.

The time for tolerance, for appeasement, for civil disagreement, for co-existence is over. It is time for war.

Leftism is a deadly infection. The only cure is to root it out, remove it, destroy it, make it submit. Crush it. Eliminate them all. Make a legal process to destroy the leftist scum and then bring their reign of terror to an end, one by one by one.

We deserve a decent place to call our own, where we can be free to raise a family and live our lives without harassment from woke leftists and the parasites that they enable. The best time to protect our nation was 55 years ago, when leftists pushed through the Hart-Celler bill, using lies, which worked to destroy the patriotic continuity and honor of a once-great country. The next best time is now. We fight for the good, the beautiful, the truth: for only when we are in possession of these things is life worth living. We can only fulfill our vast Faustian potential when we can live with valor and do great things. To clear a path for this nation’s rebirth, the leftist attacks on truth and beauty must be annihilated with the full force of our will.

This fight is pushed on us by duty itself. We owe it to our ancestors, the settlers and pioneers who created this country from nothing. And we owe it to our descendants: we have no right to make them live with this type of filth surrounding them. And in this, we shall not flag and we shall not fail.

Now, Americans gather yourself against the evil force of leftism and with everything you have unleash a storm of destruction upon them and everything they do!

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