It’s time for a nuremberg for the covid-19 hoaxers

The perpetrators of the ‘Rona hoax should be tried and executed for war crimes. An invading army of politicians, bureaucrats and pharmaceutical interests have illegally and illegitimately hijacked government institutions to perpetrate crimes against humanity on a scale much worse than the Holocaust. These are enemy combatants and they should be declared and treated as such.

In the Holocaust, only six million people were harmed. Not one more; not one less. Six million.

The ‘Rona hoax is far worse than the Holocaust. The perpetrators of the ‘Rona hoax have harmed hundreds of millions of people in order to illegally further the interests of the mega-corporations and the oligarchs.

This isn’t the first time they have tried this.

The illegal internment and systematic destruction of hundreds of millions of people due to a harmless virus (or the re-purposing of nursing home / flu / pneumonia deaths) is a far greater crime than the punishment doled out to those Nazi Germany rightly or wrongly deemed responsible for the degradation and atrocities inflicted on the people during the Weimar Republic.

These state actions are illegitimate and criminal. Any government that uses media-generated fear and the pretext of a virus to expand their control and inflict damage on healthy, innocent people is null and void. Any government edict regarding the ‘Rona is void ab initio.

Round those responsible up. Give them a fair trial. And execute every last one of them.

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