Contact:Trace excerpt

Hawk rocked out set after set, switching between the squat rack and the leg extension machine.

‘I’m in a fucking place called the Inner Circle in a cat-and-mouse game, to the death, with a fat pedo,’ he thought. ‘How crazy is that? How is this real life?’ He wondered what they would do to him if they found him out… This was a group that unleashed bio-weapons on huge swaths of humanity. It was wishful thinking for Hawk to imagine that they would only cast him outside the Circle’s walls if they caught onto him. It wouldn’t be that easy. They’d torture him… and then they would kill him. And Hawk’s death would be the end of Svetlana, also. She and Natasha would not survive for long without Hawk’s support on food and supplies. Hawk stopped himself from
thinking about that. Despair and worry was wasted, negative energy.

‘Victory passes back and forth between men,’ Hawk told himself. ‘The Inner Circle has had its day. And that day will end, like every other.’

~FC Fox, Contact:Trace (c) 2020 Deus Ex Machina Press

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