protest game

2020 has been an interesting year on several levels. One of the most interesting has been the phenomenon of “protest game” – a term I created out of thin air to describe males (not naming any names) who have zero interest in the political or social issue being “protested” yet attend these events solely to pursue young female “protesters” for short-term, consensual physical relationships.

Despite being fully aligned with multi-national corporations, these women think they are rebelling.

Why it’s working:

  • The young women at these protests already feel as if they are rebelling;
  • The talking points for the “protests” are easy to mimic;
  • The time is accounted for (they don’t have anywhere else to be);
  • There are tons of easy approach lines.
  • The “true-believer” male protesters are most often physically-weak, with cursed physiognomies and therefore easily outdone.
  • Social outlets have been significantly reduced in 2020.

In the picture above, the obvious strategy for anyone inclined to run “protest game” on these girls would be to nullify the two females on the right and engage with the three on the left while targeting the one in the middle for seduction. You can tell from her sign her outfit, and her build that she is the least inhibited of the group and would be the most likely to be open to some private “after-protest” activity.

Drawbacks for those running “protest game”:

  • The approach is built entirely on a lie (the pretend interest in the event). So, it’s a weak foundation to run it for longer than a night (or a week or two at most);
  • You might also feel the need (at least initially) to pretend to buy into the ‘Rona mask culture;
  • No-one wants to pretend to give a shit about blm, communist/antifa stuff, or “climate change”, masks or any of that other stuff for longer than they have to.
  • If you want continue the relationship outside of this initial phase, you’ll have to run the gambit of “conversion game” whereby you show the protester a new way of thinking, outside of the corporate media matrix in which she has obviously been fully indoctrinated.

Given the chaos 2020 has brought, though, this approach has been working as well or better than the more customary ones. For those bored with the ‘Rona lockdowns and constant political theater, it presents an entertaining outlet. Give it a shot if you like, what do you have to lose? Bar, restaurant and even grocery store approaches have taken a hit during the ‘Ro.

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