zuckerberg sister does drive-by-shooting

While I was writing Among the Ruins (and Billionaires) today, one of the scenes – in which a woke BuzzFeed journalist attacks Clayton Barlow using the standard recital of “isms” and “phobias” – gave me the urge to make a quick summary post to commemorate & enjoy the end of the Zuckerberg sister’s woke anti-Classics blog. You can, as of the time of writing, find the corpse of her blog here.

This is not a review of her shitty book; one of those can be found here. This is not a taunt; Steve Sailer hits the mark here. This is not a victory lap; Bronze Age Pervert takes a hilarious stab at that here.

This post is merely a quick commemoration of the end of Zuckerberg’s ridiculous attacks on our books, our culture, our history & our people. Classical tradition, by any measure, spans thousands of years. Zuckerberg’s ham-fisted, woke attacks lasted for a mere five. Like most (all?) of us, I never read her blog. She never occupied my mind with the exception of one or two brief Twitter controversies. Even those, in sum, consumed less than half-an-hour of my time. I never cared what she thought or what she wrote, and I still don’t. Her blog was a failed drive-by shooting: a flurry of shots fired, nobody hit.

I budgeted a few minutes to take some screenshots of the spent shell-casings. Savor them:

The Zuckerberg sister’s mission was doomed from the beginning. She & her woke-lackeys vacillate between their desire to “burn it all down” (relevant screenshot above) & their conflicting urge to re-interpret, or appropriate toward woke-ness, our books. The latter effort was, at its core, an attempt to use critical theory to convince people our books mean something that they don’t. Neither prong of her attack was successful. Almost nobody cared to read her blog & our books survived, intact. I’ll read from one of them tonight, before bed.

Her project failed for many reasons, but it only takes a few minutes to notice that one of the chief among them is this: she found no joy in writing her blog & took no delight from reading the books themselves, despite LARPing as a “Classicist” (bolstered by a credential from Princeton). She constantly refers to “studying” the Classics as if she were in fact doing the dishes or mopping the floor. In her farewell post, she bitches, kvetches & rattles on about how hard it is to edit woke-articles, how her project did not generate money for her, & how tired the blog made her feel.

This despite the fact that destruction is much easier than creation. The Zuckerberg sister is a would-be destroyer, a human Molotov cocktail with a bum fuse. Unhappy with the great books from the past, the Zuckerberg sister would never challenge the canon she views as defective by writing an addition of her own: she isn’t capable of it.

In this way, we are very different from her. Yes, we “study” the Classics. But even more often, we read the Classics because they bring us joy & challenge us with exciting arguments or difficult truths we want to grapple with as we live our lives. Once in a while, in stark contrast to the Crits, we dare to create something of our own – standing on the shoulders of our people who have come before us & driven by the vague hope that maybe, just maybe, we have value to add to the conversation with these “Dead White Men” whose lives & works upset the Zuckerberg sister so much (while enriching ours).

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