the coming only fans suicides

We (and by ‘we’ I mean the random assortment of people living in the United States) are several years away from a spike in suicides from females.

What will happen? To whom?

Females who grew up without ever having known about life without the smart-phone will start killing themselves at a much higher rate when they hit the wall (age 29-30 at the latest).

When will this happen?

The smart phone came out in earnest in 2006. Girls who were ten or under in 2006 likely spent all of their formative (non-familial) bonding years glued to a smart-phone screen, addicted by Big Tech at a young age. The first wave of these type of girls (born in 1996) will hit the wall around 2025 (or slightly earlier). With very rare exceptions, the post-wall smart-phone & Only Fans girls will not have the nu-male base interested in receiving (much less paying for) nudes or, frankly, any other communications past 2025.

Shelf life already almost expired (this one is 20)

Some will latch on with a beta male, but many will not. The music will stop and they will not have a chair to sit down in. Males with options will look to younger girls, or even foreign girls (Russian, Ukrainian, Argentinian, Serbian, Croatian) who may be slightly less indoctrinated by Big Tech, for dating and companionship. Each year after 2025 a new wave of these types will hit the wall and spiral into suicidal despair.

How do you know this?

Common sense tells us what is coming. Additionally, I base this prediction on close companionship with a number of girls in their twenties. Finally, I reviewed the social media (primarily Twitter) for a handful of the most prominent Only Fans girls (by random search).

Did you subscribe to their Only Fans feeds?

Hell no. Only Fans should not be subsidized or encouraged and there is no reason to ever pay for nude pictures or any other sexual material. It is harmful to the purchaser and encourages and sets these girls (whether or not they have a lot of subscribers) up for disaster when they turn thirty.

What kind of spike in the suicide rate can ‘we’ expect?

The female suicide rate will triple, driven by the first wave of smart phone wall-hitters, at least, starting in 2025 and it will continue apace unless and until Big Tech is reigned back in, which can probably only happen in a collapse & rebuild scenario since that horse is galloping along way outside of the barn.

Current suicide statistics from

Can this be stopped?


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