on advertising & propaganda

Anecdotal evidence indicates that human beings are not equipped to stand up to the harmful effects of corporate advertising and government propaganda.

Think about it.

Nine corporations produce most of the “food” in the world. Their product is, at its core, poisonous. Sugar and cheap seed oils are dumped into processed “food” indiscriminately to trigger human addiction via taste (with no regard for the authentic purpose of food, nourishment). The poisonous products are carefully-branded and relentlessly-advertised until they become accepted in the marketplace, to the extreme detriment of those consuming them.

The current American government pushes aggressive propaganda in order to attack truth and beauty. They tell you that a man can be a woman. He can’t. In a healthy culture, he wouldn’t want to. They tell you that anyone can be given a piece of paper which ‘magically’ makes them an American. It doesn’t. Culture and commonality are the only things that can create a country — what we are witnessing now is the dissolution of America. Third-world ‘diversity’ is not a strength — as the neo-liberal government propaganda machine aggressively and violently pretends — it is a glaring and obvious weakness, an agent of chaos, death and destruction.

How do the corporations and the government push addiction and lies? Mass marketing, of course. Insidious propaganda and advertising flows around the clock, pushed out by the several corporations that control almost all of the world’s major media outlets.

To what end? Profit, in the case of the corporations. Graft (covered up by political misdirection), in the case of the government. Think of the sugar cereal aisle in your local grocery store. Think of the eight trillion dollars spent on middle east wars serving no identifiable American interests.

Who loses? The people, who simply can’t withstand the barrage of persuasive messaging they face every day. Humans are not biologically equipped to process and deflect hundreds or thousands of messages seeking to direct and control their behavior, while destroying their body and mind. The people end up fat, confused, addicted, broken, degenerate, thoughtless — they live like bugs. Look around — see for yourself.

What can be done to stop it? The only option is a rejection of the techno-modern degenerate haze in favor of a return to vitality. We are entering a time of action, a time where living dangerously and fighting vigorously against these coercive forces — the same ones that subverted the country in the first place — is the only choice. It is a matter of life and death. It is a time for non-compliance.

The only legitimate purpose of a government is to maintain (via defense of national borders and implementation of just laws) a safe country where a man and a woman can comfortably raise a family and pursue love and happiness. And, in the name of posterity, a place where the sons and daughters of that man and woman can eventually marry and have a family of their own. In 2019 America, any man possessing the ability to discern truth and recognize beauty will realize that our government — in concert with their wholly unregulated corporate partners in corruption and crime — does almost everything except that. It’s time for a change.

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